Tips for business owners: office design should promote well-being

Tips for business owners: office design should promote well-being

Whether you just started your business or you’ve been building it for some time now, your main goal is, of course, to increase sales, and therefore overall revenue. Those who help you in your efforts on daily basis are your employees. Because of that, you should give your best to provide them with the best conditions possible at their working space.

There are a lot of ways to improve productivity and making the office space people-friendly is one of the most important steps. The way you set the office will most certainly influence your workers’ well-being. The text below will provide you with some useful tips on how to improve work conditions with introducing some changes.

Provide your employees with a choice

Younger generations, especially millennials, don’t believe workers need to sit in designated cubicles for 8 hours a day, every day. The most successful companies already accepted this new concept, and started giving choice to their employees. Everybody can choose their desk and can change it whenever they feel like it.

You should go with this and set up different rooms within office space. Make enough space where your employees will be able to mingle, cooperate, and when needed, get some privacy and get the job done. They will feel much better about spending time at work, and productivity will increase.

Go for sit stand

The next way you can accommodate your staff during their work hours is to provide them with sit-stand desks, so they can change their position in no time. You may think this upgrade is pricey, and you’re partly true. It was very pricey couple of years ago, but things changed, and those pieces of office equipment became very affordable. Having them is important because standing for just 30 minutes during a shift will positively impact the organism. Having a sit-stand desk, your employee will maintain their blood pressure, cholesterol, and will decrease stress levels.

Provide enough light

It looks like an obvious solution, but you’ll be surprised how many companies had to improve lighting after they saw how badly lack of light can affect their workers. Keep in mind that the light you need is natural light. Don’t stop there. Create a lighting strategy for different areas, so it fits types of activities done there. Keep in mind that lighting will affect your employees’ mood and wellbeing, so give your best to improve in this area.

Set up the office which will encourage activity

There are so many companies that already incorporated bike storage, shower facilities and changing rooms in their workplace. In order to achieve this, you will need some extra space. Go ahead and figure out what can be changed in our space. Get rid of all unneeded furniture. If you don’t know what to do with all that stuff, feel free to seek an advice from a storage company, such as Supercheapstorage.

In addition, introduce some games like darts, table tennis or snooker, so your employees can unwind after a busy day. At the end, you may use that extra meeting room and transfer it into a Yoga studio. This ancient practice will improve your company more than long and boring meetings.

Play with colors

Another way you can positively affect your staff’s productivity is to work on a stimulative color scheme. A few years ago, most of the designers would tell you that you should go with soft tones. That practice and way of thinking changed a lot, and designers aren’t afraid to play with colors and make the workspace more like home. They are using blue and green for their calming effects, and brighter, louder or higher wavelength colors so people will feel like they’re home.

Bring the outside inside

People are tightly connected with nature and it is well known that time spent in nature is time invested in health. Don’t hesitate and start introducing some biodiversity in your office space. Calming people with green color doesn’t have to be through wall paint. You may use plant life as well. It would be fun if your employees engaged in plants’ maintenance. This can be a reason to stand up and socialize, and some great ideas can be produced around those flowerpots.

Final thoughts

There are so many moves you can take in order to improve your office space in a way it will benefit your staff. The tips presented above should be just a start, so feel free to keep learning about new practices. Keep in mind that you need a place where people like to spend their time and feel good and satisfied. Talk to your employees what they think you can do to improve their well-being while at work, and give your best to provide them with that. They will know to appreciate your efforts, and since they’ll feel better, the overall productivity will increase. It is a win-win situation.



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