Why VPS is a Good Alternative to Dedicated Hosting

Why VPS is a Good Alternative to Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting server is often the most reliable measure when you need plenty of resources for your website. For example, if your website has plenty of traffic, you need adequate bandwidth. Similarly, if your site hosts lots of content, particularly videos or graphics, your hosting needs might also be very high. This can be offered through a dedicated server. This means a server is set aside for a single client. You can choose all the resources of the server. This also offers privacy, since other businesses do not share your server. The client can also customize the server, with applications and software. However, not every business can afford a dedicated server. If you are still looking for advanced resources, you might consider a VPS hosting plan. A VPS server is a virtualized server, in that it does not exist as hardware. Instead, the resources of the hardware server are parceled into virtual servers. Each virtual server is set aside for a client. As such, you have your own server, without interference from other users, but without the costs of a dedicated hosting plan.

Unmatched Resources

When you are on a shared server, the resources are shared by multiple users. This can lead to more stress for users, who might need more bandwidth but realize that this has been taken by another user. If you need more resources at hand, without needing to share with other users, a VPS server would be a good option. While keeping you on a shared server, the resources of the server will be dedicated to your share. This ensures that you do not have to indulge in a game of tug of war with other service users.

Dedicated IP Address

You might be looking for a dedicated IP address for many reasons. You might want more authenticity for your site. You might also want to thwart spam originating from your IP address. Using a VPS server not just offers a dedicated IP address, but privacy as well. You might not want to be looked up on whois.com, for example. A VPS server gives you that choice. SO, you have a dedicated IP address, without the loss of privacy. This makes the VPS server perfect for people looking for the best options for their websites.

Earn Better Online Ranking

The VPS server offers a dedicated IP address, which is very useful for search engine optimization. Search engines perceive dedicated addresses to be more reliable. So your site gets the best rankings. If you are investing in your site to achieve great ranking for your site, a dedicated IP address might be the way to go. If you also want to save hosting costs, a VPS server will do in the place of a dedicated server.

Good for Resellers

Resellers often purchase a large hosting plan and then divide it up and put each plan on sale. Usually, the best way to divide the resources is through VPS hosting. This entails minimal maintenance efforts for resellers, while offering good returns. You can create any kind of plan, allocating resources as you like. This is what makes reseller hosting so very reliable when you create virtual servers.

Advertising Revenue

VPS hosting allows businesses to rank well on search engines. If you depend on your site to generate revenues through advertising, this can be critical to your business. You can host advertising on your site, and get paid when visitors click on the links. The more visitors you have, the more the clicks, and the more the revenue. If you are looking to attract more visitors, you need better online ranking. You also need suitable bandwidth. VPS hosting offers both. In the event you cannot afford dedicated servers, a VPS hosting plan is good for building your business to a high growth stage.

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