The Advantages of Commercial Sliding Doors

The Advantages of Commercial Sliding Doors

Doors are also an absolute necessity whether it is at home or at office. When you design home or office these days you look for style and convenience. Commercial sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular among various business establishments because of the multiple benefits that they offer, as opposed to heavy hinged doors. After all, it is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your office or home. This is one element that not only looks stylish but also offers exceptional features.

Commercial sliding doors have a plenty of advantages to enhance any business. Redecorating your office space is important from time to time as the competition is always fierce. If you have not installed a commercial sliding door at your office, then here are some reasons why you should choose one.

  • Size: The standard size of sliding doors installed in offices range between eight to ten feet in height and sixteen to forty feet in width. Commercial sliding doors are versatile and provide a big doorway which makes it easy to bring large pieces of furniture and other large items.
  • Space: The other advantage of commercial sliding doors is that they save a lot of floor space. Since they are sliding, they occupy less space as they do not require extra space to open as compared to swinging doors.
  • Sound Control: Noise is a big distraction, especially in offices. Commercial sliding doors can help you eliminate this distraction. Such doors help in blocking noise and also work to keep sound contained within a room. Swinging doors can be very loud but commercial sliding doors barely make a sound when shut. Such doors enhance privacy and are particularly good for meetings or conferences due to their sound- blocking ability.
  • Energy Efficient: Commercial sliding doors are very effective in saving energy and helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Since such doors will open and close only when they need to, therefore you do not have to worry about the door being left open in hurry by anyone. As the doors are shut completely every time, it prevents hot and cool air from escaping. Apart from that, it also prevents dust particles and air pollution to penetrate your property.
  • Transparent: Most of the commercial sliding doors are made up of glass, which helps give a vibrant and bright look to the offices. Being transparent these sliding doors take in the natural sunlight and create aesthetic atmosphere.
  • Eco-friendly: Commercial sliding doors are made of vinyl, metal and glass. These doors do not require wood and hence are known as ecofriendly.
  •  Design: Commercial sliding doors come in a variety of designs and styles. They not only increase the functionality but also add style and bring a modern look to the office. You can incorporate stain-glass, decorative laminates and glazing to the sliding doors to add to the appeal.
  •  Usage: Most of us have a busy lifestyle and it is always better to have doors that open quickly and save our time. Commercial sliding doors are easy to open as they do not contain any knob or handle. It is convenient and provides hassle-free entrance to elderly and disabled and people carrying heavy luggage.
  • Safe and Secure: Safety and security go hand in hand. Commercial sliding doors are much safer in comparison to the hinged doors. In case of an emergency, employees can vacate the building easily and safely without any congestion in the doorways. These doors can be locked when you want them to be and you can select additional security for them if needed anytime.


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