Things To Consider While Buying The Best Backpack

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Backpack

According to the results of our survey, the average weight of the bag is identical for women and men: 15 kilos. It’s too much! And it is not us who say it is you. We asked the tour demonists what they would change if it was again. Many answered: “have a lighter bag”. Click here, best fishing backpack for more.

The weight of the bag is normally proportional to the weight of the person wearing it. It is often said that the weight of the bag should not exceed 15 to 20% of the weight of the person wearing it, and again, this ratio is used for simple hikes and not for a trip of several months in backpacker mode.


A 15 kg bag corresponds to a weight of 75 kg. Many Tour demonists (especially women) carry a bag too heavy. So be sure to respect this maximum ratio for all of your equipment (big bag + small bag).

Beyond the health of your spine, traveling light has many advantages: more comfort, more autonomy, more speed, more freedom, more simplicity, and more discretion, less fatigue, less stress.

It is quite possible to reduce the weight of your bag by:

  1. Establishing the exhaustive list of objects you wish to take away and their weight
  2. Reflective, line by line, if it is possible to do without it and eliminate the superfluous
  3. Wondering if there is not a lighter alternative
  4. Without necessarily going to travel with a bag of five kilos like our friend Romaine, we recommend you read his article full of good advice to lighten your bag.

If you are traveling with your family, parents will be obliged to carry heavier bags: between 17 and 20 kg. Children can also carry a small bag, but their weight should not exceed 10 to 15% of your child’s weight.

The Empty Weight

The empty weight of the bags most frequently used by tour demonists varies from single to double: from 1.7 kg for the Deter ACT Lite or Millet Ubic to 3.3 kg for the Deuter Traveler.

The Empty Weight
The Empty Weight

Your bag will be the heaviest item in your package. However, do not look at that weight. Indeed, a more efficient carrying system, offering good comfort over time, usually weighs down the bag a little. Overall, it is, therefore, a choice between less weight and less comfort or more weight and more comfort.

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The Comfort Of Portage

During your trip, you will carry your bag for hundreds of hours in total. Better to choose one that will provide you with a good wearing comfort. The comfort of your bag depends on several elements:

The settings

The straps of the large bags are adjustable in height, which allows you to adjust the bag to your size and to distribute the weight. If your bag is well adjusted, two-thirds of the weight will be worn by your hips, which will relieve your shoulders.

The settings
The settings

An adjustable lumbar belt allows a good fit to the hips. Some bags are also equipped with a chest strap that can be adjustable, especially for women.

Weight distribution

Place the heavier items in your package in the bottom of your bag and as close to your back as possible. This will bring the center of gravity of the bag closer to your body and prevent it from pulling too much on your shoulders. Also, make sure that it is not heavier on one side than the other.

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