Unavoidable questions to ask a cleaning service in Toronto before hiring!

Unavoidable questions to ask a cleaning service in Toronto before hiring!

Residential places should be neat and free from harmful microorganisms. This keeps the children and adults from getting allergies or diseases. However, in this fast-paced world where couples work tiresomely in the office find it very difficult to maintain the cleanliness of a home.

cleaning service in Toronto
cleaning service in Toronto

The best solution to this problem is hiring cleaning services in Toronto who has expertise in handling such problems. But, a client should take care to ask the following questions before making an agreement to ensure that a particular service is good.

  1. Do you have a license to perform residential cleaning?

Cleaning services are of different types as some of them are professional in taking care of industries while some commercial spaces. In addition, there are many fake companies that do not have a license and they should not be allowed to enter the house. It would be wise to select a cleaning service in Toronto that a license to perform residential cleaning.

  1. Do you provide insurance?

Insurance may seem a farfetched question but most of the renowned companies do produce insurance for any accidents during the cleaning procedure. Any Toronto cleaning service, which provides worker’s injury insurance and object damage insurance, shows that they are serious about their work. The two types of insurance protect the house as well as the workers who sweat it to clean the residence.

  1. Who are the team members?

Some companies do not want to lose the chance of cleaning a house and make agreement even if their regular employs or workers are unavailable for the given day(s). To cover this, they will send part-time cleaner or daily wage laborers to clean the residence. This creates more damage than good; therefore, the team members of cleaning services in Toronto should be hired employs of the company.

  1. Is your company a part of any local associations?

There are organizations in Toronto that judge the quality/success of a company and accept them into their association. The acceptance is given in the form of a certificate and asking a Toronto cleaning service reveals how effective they are.

  1. Does the agreement talk about a provision of supplies?

While most of the cleaning companies prepare their own cleaning solutions and detergents that work well with their equipment, some expect the client to supply them. It is not very good contract if the company expects the client to get the supplies. Apart from asking about the supplies, it would be even better to know how environmentally friendly are the supplies. Remember that asking such questions might inspire the company to use less harmful chemicals and solutions.

  1. Is there any guarantee to the service provided?

Asking for a guarantee is like having a second insurance to the work offered by cleaning services. When you reach out for us through the addresses found on Factual or Home stars ask for a guarantee and we shall say YES. It is because a guarantee gives reassurance to the client that the cleaning company is good and professional.

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