A Guide To The Stages Of Fetal Development

A Guide To The Stages Of Fetal Development

If you are going to be a parent for the first time, you will have quite a lot of questions. So, here is a little help for you.

In this article, we will tell you about the stages of fetal development. Throughout the pregnancy phase, there will be a lot of change in the baby’s growth and development.

This phase is divided into three stages, which are called trimesters. Each trimester is a set of three months, and a full-term pregnancy is for about 40 weeks.

So, let us discuss the stages involved in the development of the fetus.

What are the Stages Involved in Fetal Development?

Fetal Development

First Trimester:

Right from conception to 12 weeks is the first trimester. This is the initial three months of pregnancy. In this stage, the baby will grow into a fetus from a group of cells. Here, the baby will start showing its baby features as well.

  • Month 1: the face of the fetus, along with big dark circles for the eyes, will be formed. Simultaneously, the lower jaw, mouth, and throat will be in the process of developing. Circulation will start while blood cells will start taking their shape too.
  • Month 2: here, the facial features of the baby will keep developing. Ears, arms, and legs will start forming along with the eyes, toes, and fingers. The bone will start replacing cartilage. Around six weeks, the heartbeat of a baby can be detected.
  • Month 3: This month, the legs, toes, arms, fingers, and hands of the baby will be developed fully. The baby will start exploring by opening and closing its mouth and fists. External formation of ears takes place while toenails and fingernails are also developing. By the time the third month comes to an end, your baby will be formed fully.

Second Trimester:

This is the best phase of pregnancy. The facial features of the baby will start developing during these months.

  • Month 4: the baby’s heartbeat can be heard, and the fingers and toes will be well-defined. Hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails will be formed. The baby can also yawn and make faces by now. Also, the reproductive organs will be fully developed by now.
  • Month 5: you might be able to feel the movements of your baby. The first movement is known as quickening.
  • Month 6: the baby will have wrinkled, reddish skin, and the veins will be visible as well. The toe prints and baby’s fingers are visible now. If the baby hiccups, jerking motions will be noticed as well.
  • Month 7: in this month, the remaining growth of the baby will continue. Also, the baby’s hearing will be fully developed. In case there is premature birth, the baby might be able to survive after the seventh month.

Third Trimester:

This is the last stage of pregnancy. This makes many first-time parents anxious, nervous, and happy.

This is the official countdown to the arrival of their baby.

  • Month 8: The baby’s growth will continue, and the mother might also observe that the baby is kicking more often. At this time, there is rapid development in the baby’s brain, and the baby will see and hear.
  • Month 9: still, there is growth and development are happening. The lungs will be very close to complete development.
  • Month 10: finally, this is the time you would go into labor at any moment. Due to the tight space, you will notice there is less movement by the baby.

All new mothers need to know that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases, and yet it can be tough for some.

So, as you bear the pain, you are also welcoming your little one into this world. Kudos to all the mothers out there!

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