5 Most Common Pest Problems Homeowners Deal With

5 Most Common Pest Problems Homeowners Deal With

Living with pests is a nightmare!

Unfortunately, pest infestations are inevitable. Every house owner has to deal with this issue at some point in their lifetime.

It is important to know about various types of pest problems, signs of infestation, and ways to remove them. This will help you keep expensive damage at bay.

Listed below are 5 most common types of pest problems faced by homeowners:

1. Termites

These minuscule insects are the most damaging pests found on the planet. They can cause immense damage to your property.

They feed off wood inside your home. Look for potential infestation signs such as hollow sound in wood, discarded wings of termite, droppings, and minor clicking sounds at home.

2. Cockroaches

Deemed as one of the most dreaded pests found in residential homes, cockroaches tend to multiply fast and can lead to a serious problem.

Since they hide in the tiniest corners and cracks of the house, they can go unnoticed for a very long time. Cockroaches can survive on anything.

Restricting access to a water supply in a suspected environment (damp, dark cracks) is one of the best ways to keep them away. Roach infestation is extremely difficult to treat.

In case, you suspect cockroach infestation, look for professional pest treatment in Newcastle immediately.

3. Mice & Rats

These rodents can destruct your precious belongings. Their numbers are known to double or even triple within a few days.

Look for small bite marks on food packets, rodent droppings, and sounds around the home as telltale signs of rodent infestation.

Luckily there are many humane methods of getting rid of mice and rats. Hence, you don’t need to use poison (which can also be dangerous for kids and toddlers at home) or inhumane traps to get rid of them.

Call in for a professional pest control team to handle rodent infestation at your home. They know how to get rid of them without causing them or your family any harm during the process.

4. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be the worst nightmares! Found mainly in bedding and mattresses, these nasty small insects also build homes in various cracks and crevices all around the home.

The scariest part is that these bugs live on human blood! Their bodies can survive for up to a year without food.

It is crucial to eliminate bed bugs as soon as you find their traces at home. Female bed bugs have a tendency to lay up to 5 eggs every day which leads to fast infestations.

Delays can result in severe damage. It is not easy to spot bed bugs due to their size. The most common signs of bed bug infestation include tiny red spots on bedding. You may also find castings of bed bugs around the home.

5. Ants

An ant infestation can be annoying. They are tiny and can survive on the smallest amount of food. You can notice a tiny trail of ants around the house which tough to remove.

Although harmless to humans, they can invade food and drinks present in the house. Their bite is painful. Some ants can also do a lot of structural damage to your home.

Hence, it is important to call in a pest control professional without delay.

At a Glance

In case, you suspect a pest attack in your home, don’t panic. It is time to get in touch with a professional pest treatment service.

They have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of household pests. They have knowledgeable staff equipped with the requisite tools to remove unwanted and dangerous pests from your home.

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