What Causes Low Water Pressure at Home?

What Causes Low Water Pressure at Home?

Water pressure problems present themselves in various ways, but all can be frustrating. The dishwasher may take too long to run a cycle, or the faucet may take forever to fill your sink. Low water pressure in a single fixture is still tolerable and may be fixed with ease. But a water pressure issue affecting more than one plumbing fixture can be a whole different story.

A widespread water pressure problem indicates different issues. In this case, knowing possible causes of low water pressure can help in finding the solution or prevent you from seeking plumbing repair in Chicago in the future.

Water Supplier Issue

There is a chance that you are not the only one experiencing low water pressure. So before you start knocking on the pipes, ask your neighbors if they have the same problem. You can contact your water supplier to know if they are experiencing an issue with the water supply and are working on it. If they do, all you have to do is sit tight for a bit and wait for the problem to be fixed.

Partially Close Main Shutoff Valve

When fully open, the main shutoff valve enables a full flow of water. So if the valve is partially closed, you may experience low water pressure. Therefore, take a look at the valve before seeking a plumbing repair service in Chicago. If your valve is the gate type, turn the handle fully in a counterclockwise direction. If you have a ball valve, make sure that the handle is parallel to the pipe’s direction.

Broken Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator is a valve that controls the water pressure to your desired value. Not all plumbing systems have this component. But if yours have, it can be the culprit for low water pressure at your home. Attach a water pressure gauge to the hose spigot closest to the pressure regulator to read the water pressure. If the gauge’s finding is lower than the recommended water pressure, which is 52 – 75 pounds/square inch, then the pressure regulator may be failing and causing the water pressure problem.

Corroded or Clogged Pipes

Pipe corrosion and clogging will restrict the water filter flow gradually, resulting in low water pressure. Pipe corrosion usually happens in houses with old steel water pipes, while clogging can happen to any plumbing system. Nevertheless, both issues could be costly to fix. Clogging may cause burst pipes. With this, you may not need a plumbing repair in Chicago but a replacement.

Also, the problem may not be with your plumbing system but with the fixture itself. Generally, it could be challenging to spot the problem if you are not a plumber. To avoid the hassles and stress, you can simply call a pro plumber to deal with the problem.

Low water pressure can ruin everything from your dishes to your shower. If you are tired of dealing with low water flow, you can seek help from Goode Plumbing. They have been providing plumbing repair in Chicago for years and are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Contact them for your plumbing needs.


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