How to choose a network cable installation company?

How to choose a network cable installation company?

Whether you are a small business which is looking to install a better phone system or a computer network or a large business which needs a complete revamp of the existing phone or computer network system, there is bound to be wiring involved. Also, you should be finding someone who you can trust to wire the building with the new or additional wiring. Well, an expert would be a perfect choice. But what do the term expert in IT and communications world actually mean when it comes to voice and network cable installation wiring?

Cable installer’s past performance:

Whenever a business is looking to upgrade their network cabling will always want to choose an IT or communication company that has years of experience in network cable installation for internet protocol phone systems and computer networks. Just as important is the years of experience, the type of experience also matters. An IT or a communication company with a number of professionals who can do the cable installation on a regular basis is certainly going to be better than a licensed electrician who is permitted to install communication wire but does not have the proper expertise to design a highly functional network.

 What are the considerations to make before you go for network cable installation?

  •  Costs

When you are comparing companies to hire, cost of installation is obviously going to be a determining factor in making the decision. One of the best ways to know if the company is evaluating the costs properly or not is to request them for a proposal of the costs and then you can evaluate that proposal in order to determine what each of the costs actually are and if they are really required and necessary.

  • Cabling installer’s certifications


This one does not need to be thought upon. Only the ones who are licensed should be working for your network cable installation. Also, the company which is doing the installation for you should show you what certifications they have. A low voltage electrician is allowed to install phone and network cabling, but in reality, has no clue about the technology which is being used as they are not the ones from the IT background. This is the time when having an IT professional with the knowledge about the wiring helps. A registered company has a licensed expertise in the designing, integrating and applying the IT systems and their related infrastructure components. This is how the experts will make perfect plans for your cabling to be done using the best design and the best computer network hardware. The personnel will help you to keep your network working and make it work well in all the conditions.

  • Location of the cabling installer

Maintaining your network cable installation along with the computer network is best done with the help of an IT company which is located a few minutes from your location. This is because not everything can be done remotely in the IT industry. Especially when it comes to hardware and wiring, it has to be done by someone by visiting the site. Your business needs someone who can come to the location and help you out when the problem is not getting solved remotely.

Finally, you should remember that the person should be present at the place in no time to get it solved and keep it running as it should be. It is very easy to go with an IT company which is cheaper but far from your location. But, going for a local network cable installation company which is licensed and located close is the best option for your business due to their ability to be at the site when it is really needed.


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