How You Can Increase Your Productivity at Work

How You Can Increase Your Productivity at Work

Productivity is something that all companies desire out of their employees. Those who are the most productive often times are the employees that are given awards and are considered for the big promotions. Slowly increasing your productivity on a daily basis can have immense results over the course of a month or the year. Something like making one more sale each month as a salesperson will have you setting record numbers in a matter of time. The following are tips to increase your productivity at work which could lead to a life changing promotion or compensation via commission.

Caffeine Can Be Your Friend

Those who do not utilize caffeine might not be tapping into their most productive self. There are some people who it takes a few hours at the office before they are as productive as they can be. A few coffees throughout the day or an energy drink after lunch can be enough to make you more productive daily. Be careful though as too much caffeine can lead to you becoming anxious and less productive. Figure out how to supplement your caffeine and watch your numbers skyrocket!

Opt For a Vape Instead of a Cigarette

There are times in the office where the boss will look down on the smokers as 4 or 5 breaks a day can eat into company time. Opting for the vape can be a great alternative as it can be smoked inside without leaving any type of smell. Some companies will have a policy against this but as long as you are not blowing smoke and disrupting people the boss might be quite happy. Unlike smoking cigarettes you can hit a vape once and get back to work in a matter of minutes.

Check Emails Once an Hour

Checking email too frequently can be a productivity killer. It can distract a person in the middle of another task especially if it is an email from their boss. Most emails can be answered 20 minutes later without issue so let everyone know you answer emails once an hour. This will allow you to clear your inbox throughout the day efficiently without constantly hitting refresh hoping to get that email you were looking forward to. Most offices have Skype or other instant messaging so tell people to contact you on there first instead of via email.

Set a Daily Agenda For Yourself

Setting an agenda for the day can allow you to strategize how to get the most important things done first. Doing this early in the morning will allow you to work straight as morning meetings with clients are a rarity. Take the time to prioritize your work so you are getting everything important done. Set goals for yourself for the day whether it is sending out a certain number of pitches or following up with clients to close a sale.

As you can see there are a myriad of ways to increase your productivity. Try these and watch you become as productive as ever. Proactively thinking about getting more productive can be all you need in some cases!

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