9 Things I Learnt After Forcing Myself To Run Every Morning

9 Things I Learnt After Forcing Myself To Run Every Morning

Running is one of the best exercises that there is ‑ it is cheap, relatively easy and offers numerous health and mental benefits. Running every day helps you to maintain high energy, tone your body and increase your metabolic rate.

It uses the entire body muscles and hence torch calories from all parts of the body. It also helps to improve the cardiovascular health and beneficial to lungs and heart. A study proved that running/jogging burns more belly fat than weight training.


And for men, if you think that you need to take hormones or work your ass off at the gym to have high testosterone, think again! Running is one of the proven testosterone boosters. Moderate endurance training is the best for increasing the production of testosterone and running perfectly fits the criteria.

Benefits of running in the morning

One of the important aspects of running is to run in the morning. Morning run offers many specific benefits when compared to running in the evening. Some of the benefits of morning run are given below

  • It cures morning hangover and helps you to kick-start your day
  • Less pollution, fresh air, and better climate will make a beautiful running experience
  • Lower your blood pressure by 10% that will last throughout the day
  • A long run in the morning on your own can significantly reduce your stress levels
  • Mornings are the time with least distractions and so it is easy to stick to your schedule
  • Better brain performance throughout the day
  • Running in the evening keeps you active at night whereas running in the morning helps you to get sound sleep at night

Another popular doubt is whether to run before or after breakfast. Some joggers prefer running on an empty stomach and report no reduction in performance while some others need a quick sugar spike to reach their optimum performance. It depends on personal choice most of the times. However, if you are running in the morning, it is always advisable to take a quick, healthy snack or meal as your last meal was dinner the previous night and you might be running on low-fuel. Portion size, calories consumed are some other factors to consider when you opt for breakfast before run.

How to become a morning runner?

  • There are certain ways in which you can trick your mind into waking up early in the morning and run. Some of them are explained below
  • Make your mind convinced the previous night itself that you are going to run the next morning; rain or shine! Affirmation is very powerful.
  • Lay your clothes and gadgets like tracker/ipod ready the night itself. If that did not work, sleep on your running clothes. I know, sounds crazy! But this way you can get up and straight away get going and it actually works
  • Setting up multiple alarms is another way instead of trusting that you will snooze.
  • Go to bed early. When your sleep cycle is over, you automatically wake up and hit the ground
  • Set a gradual process to wake up early. Going straight to 5 AM from 8 AM can give your body a shock. Make a progress slow and steady.
  • Think about your motivation when you feel like quitting. Is it confidence? Is it stress relief? Or a dashing looking body? Envision it every day and you are less likely to chicken out.

Things you notice once you start running every day

  1. Body transformation

This is the most obvious and the most exciting part. As you run more and more every single day, you will start to notice changes in your body. You will notice that your stomach fat starts to melt at a good pace. You will feel stronger legs and muscle strength. Running can offer benefits equivalent to kegel exercises for men. It works out muscles that would improve sexual functioning. The body transformations are not just aesthetic but internal wellness as well.

  1. Your knees are fragile

You might notice after running for few days that your knees start painting. Commonly referred as runner’s knee, this is one of the body wreckers of athletes and sportsmen. But do not let this affect your mentality or motivation. Also, do not attempt to alter your running style as it might make things worse. All you need to do is to break down your running. Take small running vacations, do plenty of warm-up exercises, stretch your legs very well before you begin and take it slow.

  1. Your belly fat disappears

One of the things that become evident after you become a daily runner is how easily your body fat especially the belly fat melts down. Belly fat is a silent killer and causes major health problems. Running every day will not only reduce belly fat but prevents further storage of fat around the abdomen.

  1. The runner’s high

This is like the ultimate trophy that every runner is trying to achieve. To feel that euphoria after a blissful running session. Those who have experienced it say that it is worth every struggle, pain, and sacrifices. It depends on person to person how soon they experience it

  1. A happier person

Once you are a regular runner, you will notice that your mood has improved considerably. You are now a more optimistic person and worry less. You feel that everything you wish is achievable and are doable. In short, you become a happier person and less of a worrier!

  1. More energetic days

If you run regularly, especially in the morning, you will notice that your day is more energetic and productive. Running takes away the morning slog and you are ready to hit the ground running. It also helps to maintain your energy throughout the day.

  1. A healthier heart

Running is the best gift you can give to your heart for being the best organ in your body. It escalates the cardiovascular health like no other exercise. It uses both fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy and uses more oxygen. When more oxygen gets pumped into your heart, it flushes toxins out faster making your cardiovascular system healthy.

  1. Runner’s face

Runner’s face is a common term used for people who have literally worn themselves and their faces out through extensive running. But experts discarded this saying that any exercise or diet if done too much can cause the same issue. The key here is to find a balance between diet and exercise.

  1. Dead butt syndrome is not bad

Another one similar to runner’s face is the dead butt syndrome. It is an inflammation of the tendons in the gluteus medius, one of three major muscles that constitute the butt. Runners may experience this more often but it is not something that needs to be taken seriously.

  1. You have a good addiction

This is the biggest of them all! You have an addiction that won’t destroy your body but will revive it. Need I say more?


Men and women face a lot of physical, mental and sexual challenges in their life. Physical exercises like running can offer great relief from them. Running can offer performance enhancements and increased drive. Supplements such as virectin can be used alongside to get maximum benefits of physical exercises.

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