Why You Absolutely Need Body Therapy

Why You Absolutely Need Body Therapy

Body therapy is much more than just candles, a massage table and dim lights: when done professionally, body therapy comprises of multiple techniques that aim at soothing one mentally and physically.

Body therapy can be thought of as a holistic experience that includes various techniques including body scrubbing and massage, but is not limited to these two. In fact, body therapy connects the patient with the therapist and works on the patient’s intrinsic healing abilities and powers to actually let their body heal themselves through different measure. For more information on body therapy and its different techniques click here.

Why your Body Needs Body Therapy?

The main directive around which body therapy is designed is body and mind relaxation which also releases health benefits. It is an ancient practice that can heal scars, injuries, tension in muscle and other diseases. Listed below are some of the illnesses that body therapy help curing:

  • Chronic Body Pain: Massages and body therapy are the one stop solution for all chronic body pains whether they be in one’s shoulder or neck or any other body part. Body therapy includes one’s serotonin levels to increase which naturally decreases the pain levels.
  • Diabetes: Body therapy reportedly helps fluctuations in one’s sugar levels and helps restore insulin levels.
  • Depression and Anxiety: Since it lowers stress and helps one relax, body therapy lowers stress levels, and helps individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression.
  • Posture: People who work in offices can relate with their posture getting ruined due to sitting in work chairs for six long hours everyday. Body therapy helps tense muscles relax and hence helps in improving one’s posture.
  • Blood Pressure: Body therapy reportedly helps with lowering one’s blood pressure and improving blood circulation in one’s body. Especially when done regularly, body therapy helps blood flow.
  • Flexibility: Due to the emphasis body therapy places on one’s joints, muscles and ligaments, regular body therapy helps improve the body’s flexibility
  • ADHD: Body therapy reportedly also helps with the treatment of ADHD. The science behind this is that the parasympathetic nervous system, that deals with calmness in the human body, is simulated during a body therapy session and as a result the anxiety and trouble related to ADHD calm down as well.
  • Insomnia: Body therapy helps one deal with sleeping issues and insomnia. A massage, which is an integral part of body therapy, helps one’s sleep schedule as it helps the nervous system slow down which helps in you getting a deep and full night’s sleep.

Given the hectic daily routines everyone has these days, body therapy is an excellent resource for everyone to utilize and incorporate into their weekly routines. If we talk about its benefits other that physical and mental health related, body therapy is simply an excellent way for one to unwind and pamper themselves after a long day at work. Some people might consider this superficial, but it is actually a great way to treat your mind and mental health. After all, if the mental state of one is calm only then can the body be healthy.

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