4 Intriguing Ways to Style a Cowhide Rug

4 Intriguing Ways to Style a Cowhide Rug

Rugs have been and will always be part of traditional homes. These items bring a homier feeling and create a cozier image when placed in living rooms or hung on walls. Cowhide rugs are unique kinds of rugs that make a home space look more creative and comfy. It is really soft and spreads through some inches only.

These rugs can differ in quality, and not all may be made with the real cow’s hide. It’s also important to note that these rugs need extra care and maintenance. Make sure to keep a cowhide rug away from water and brush dust from it every once in a while. If kept in shape and placed nicely, a rug like this can be the best décor item, you’ll ever need. Hence, below are some cowhide rug tips to get you started with the décor part:

Let it Show

Cowhide rugs are thin and fragile than other mats. And so they need more exposure to temperature and handled lightly when it comes to placing furniture. These rugs aren’t that furniture friendly and can get damaged if made to succumb to heavy tables. So it’s best to let it sit openly in the middle of the room to also flaunt the new and shiny rug. Cowhide rugs are beautiful and come with different colors of white, brown and black that can be blended together as well in some. So it’s best to let these colors to shine through and not hidden by furniture, especially in small rooms.

Compliment with Another Rug

There are several ways to work out a cowhide rug. So if you want to make the area comfier with a cowhide rug, you can place it on another rug beneath. Make sure that the beneath rug compliments the cowhide and makes it stand out. The finished look will not only be comfy and relaxing but modern and trendy. If you already have a wall-to-wall rug placed, you can use this technique to make the area look stylish without having to take the carpet off.

Choose a Dark Colored Rug

Dark colors are a far different entity than bright ones and make a home space give off vibes of modernity and sophistication. An all dark theme in the living room gives off a highly strenuous ambiance, and a stylish looking dark colored cowhide rug on it can seal the deal for good. You can find cowhide rug at Zanui like these that are also known for their quality. To create this look, you can combine an artificial fireplace and use all dark furniture and curtains. You can also add glass to the room to make the area speak for itself for being refined. But make sure to keep the walls light.

Keep it Minimal

Minimal is the new interior design trend. Although this design can be hard to pull but once created, it is easy to maintain. All you have to do is place one cowhide rug matching the interior to complete the look. Place a tiny coffee table and use marble for floors. Compliment the cowhide rug tone with the upholstery. You can also place few décor items like a small vase or plant pot nearby on an exquisite shelf and let the light shine in through the curtains.

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