Why Is Fire Damper Testing So Important?

Why Is Fire Damper Testing So Important?

For the safety of people who live or work in a structure, there must be stringent fire safety procedures in place. Many employers and building owners are unaware that having their fire dampers tested on an annual basis is a legal obligation, despite the changes made to BS9999:2017 regarding fire damper testing.

What are fire dampers in ductwork?

Mechanical fire dampers are life-saving equipment that uses mechanical means to prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke. On the market, there are a variety of different types of mechanical and electronic dampers from various manufacturers.

A mechanical damper is used to spring shut and stop the spread of fire via the HVAC system into other parts of a building in the case of a fire. Electric fire and smoke dampers not only prevent the spread of fire but also prevent hot or cold smoke from passing through the HVAC system.

Fire damper testing

Fire dampers are sometimes utilized in structures, although due to their often-inconvenient access, they may be difficult to maintain. Fire damper testing is more frequently given to more visible fire safety equipment like fire alarms and sprinklers, which means it’s easy for people not to realize it.

Fire dampers are often tested during routine maintenance. Should a fire break out, the fire’s ability to spread throughout the structure is reduced.

Fire dampers should be tested on installation and once a year after that. Fire damper testing should be carried out by experts who can reach these hidden areas without disrupting building operations. Engineers may take the ECS Commissioning Training’s fire damper testing course, which teaches them both practically and theoretically how to test fire dampers.

Fire damper testing competence course by ECS Commissioning

There are various sorts of fire dampers, and our programs make sure that engineers are equipped to deal with any of them. Candidates who finish the one-day Fire Damper Testing Competency course will be able to acquire a CPD certified certificate that allows them to perform fire damper testing safely and efficiently.

The training program involves instruction on testing and resetting mechanical and electronic dampers, inspecting fire stopping, reading schematics and technical drawings, and learning about the properties of various materials. Fire dampers are a type of specialist equipment that must be tested by competent experts.

If you want to provide independent training to your current staff or promote fire damper testing as a new service, be sure you’re properly trained. We keep our courses up to date with industry standards to ensure that potential students are prepared for any difficulties. If you’d like to learn more about Fire Damper Testing Competence Courses, click here to visit ECS Commissioning.


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