Trim Your Trees: Safe, Reliable and Low Cost Instructions

In the case of a threat that your tree growth is slowly becoming a possible hazard for installations, power lines and any type of wiring or your sewage system, here are a few things that you should consider and think about before having them trimmed or removed.

The first thing that you should be aware of is that there are no two exactly same species of trees, and every tree requires a somewhat different method when it comes to trimming. The essential part may be the same, meaning that you are, in fact, cutting the tree, but of course the details will prevail on how will your job affect the further growth and development of the plant in case. The technique is important, but the season is important as well. Again, the time when you should trim and prune your plants differs in the type of the tree, and you should look for information for each type of species in particular.

Keep it Safe

Another thing, that you should take special care of before you start trimming, is yours and general safety. Here are the basic rules of protection that you should stick to:

  • Keep away from the wiring. Take a step back and find the right angle for your ladders and lifts, you don’t need any obstacles on your way up, including power lines or branches that seem unsafe or dry. Only professionals should trim your dry branches.
  • Get yourself familiar with the proper climbing techniques and stick to them.
  • Always use your protective equipment.
  • Make sure that no one is standing near the drop zone, and secure the drop zone with cones.
  • You should have someone to help, and if you do, make sure that you are in constant contact and that you can see and hear one another.
  • Hire an experienced professional to check where your tree will fall. Assumptions won’t get you anywhere.
  • If some rigging is necessary, get familiar with the techniques and knots. Also, a professional help is advised.

Proper Tools

The proper pruning shears are not too hard to find. You will certainly find one in your nearest Home Depot or similar store. It is the best tool that you should use for the majority of work when it comes to pruning, of course, and they can be used for any type of hedge, or for not so thick branches. Hand shears are very reliable as well, and safe for work, but if you are in a need for some serious work, and some serious tool, again, you are advised to find professional help. For all the messy and unsecure work, you can find tree removal Sydney based companies such as this one, which are reliable and far from expensive. Even experienced gardeners are aware that they can’t do all the work by themselves. If the trimming requires power tools, and you don’t have any experience, please don’t try to do it yourself.

Now let’s start trimming

Finally, we will explain the basic techniques and guidelines that you can apply to your trimming. It is never too late to start learning, and although you should find instructions for every type of plant in particular, you should also rely on your actions and results. Ideally, you should at least trim your garden on an annual basis, if not more often, and again, this doesn’t apply to every type of species.

You want to prune your flowering trees to help them to actually flower better. For the flowers that you are expecting to bloom in the springtime, trim and prune after the flowers die away or grow fainter. Trees that blossom in the summertime and those that are flowering closer to the fall, you should trim and prune during the winter, or in the early spring.

Now the thing that you should always keep in mind is that with the act of pruning, and trimming, you are hurting the tree. Those parts that you cut will not heal and it will leave a mark, meaning, of course, that that branch won’t grow again. Don’t leave any stubs behind, because that part will soon start to rot, and this is an extremely important part. You have to know what the collar of the branch is, and learn how to recognize one, and you want to keep your cut as small as you can. And please don’t apply any paint or any sort of wound dressing, if you’ve done the job right the nature will make sure everything is covered up nicely. Just relax, be aware that the tree feels your every move and this should keep you working gently and concentrated enough to do a good job.

You will soon learn to love your plants, and with enhancing their growth they will certainly grow on you. If you follow the steps and instructions here provided, you will do a nice and a lasting job, and it will help you to save some money in the process. Love your plants, that will help as well, and stay safe.

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