Top 5 Business Ideas for 2017

Top 5 Business Ideas for 2017

Starting a business is by no means an easy task. You have to consider funding, research, production, sales, various legal issues, etc. However, being an entrepreneur allows you to find unique business opportunities and turn them into palpable success.

This is made possible due to an increasing population, adoption of new and innovative technologies, internet access to remote areas and a rapid increase in smartphone use. These all contribute to making a promising climate for business across industries such as e-commerce, real estate, web development and even brick and mortar’ businesses. Having that in mind, let’s go over some of the best ideas for starting a business in 2017.

Become a Nutrition Coach

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle would not be possible without adequate nutrition. Most people have little to no knowledge regarding healthy food choices and their impact on their bodies and overall health. Yet we see more and more celebrities and influences flaunting their perfect bodies on various social media platforms making the average viewer feel unsatisfied with their self-image. Helping these people reach their nutritional goal by giving various food and exercise-related advice will not only make them look and feel amazing, but it can also be quite a lucrative business move.

Give Web Design a Try

Web design is ideal for the creative type of people. It combines art, technology and a certain degree of personal vision and appropriate skill set in order to provide visitors with a perfect user-experience. Having in mind that almost every company has their own website they use to promote their business, attract new customers and offer their products and services, it becomes clear that this is one of those industries that’s hardly going to slow down anytime soon. Whether it’s a small startup looking for additional exposure or a large company in need of a redesign, everyone needs a website these days and not capitalizing on this need is simply a bad business move.

Virtual Assistant jobs

Home-based workers, freelancers, telecommuters and virtual assistants – these are all professional individuals who prefer working from a remote location and get paid handsomely for it. Virtual assistance business, in particular, is on the rise due to a high demand for that kind of services. Companies tend to outsource jobs to virtual assistants in order to streamline their costs while still generating sizable revenue. All you need is a computer, an active internet connection, some basic knowledge of word processing programs such as Word and Excel and a sufficient knowledge of the English language.

Real-estate business

There are two main reasons people decide to give real estate a shot. First, the average real-estate agent can end up earning up to 3% of the selling price for a selected property. Let’s say you sold a house worth 1 million dollars. This means that your commission will be $30,000 just of that single piece of property. Second, real-estate offers some the most amazing opportunities for networking, which allows you to meet and work with people from various other industries, so even if you get tired of selling a property, you still have more than enough connections to find a better and more lucrative work.

Starting a warehouse business

Warehouse business is not for everyone. It requires a large initial investment and requires that you already know at least some business owner willing to store their products in your warehouse. That said, more and more companies these days are looking to rent warehouse space instead of purchasing their own warehouse. This means that you can easily work with more than one company and rack in quite a bit of profit. The only thing is that you will probably have to hire at least a couple of workers unless you plan on driving those scissor lifts all by yourself.

Although starting a business might be a significant risk to take, there are plenty of businesses out there you can choose from. Whether it’s e-commerce, real-estate or IT-related work, there are numerous job positions and business opportunities you can take and make a sizable profit while doing it. This means that even in the worst case scenario, you still have numerous options to choose from in case your original business idea fails to get off the ground.

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