The Ultimate Guide to Connected Packaging

The Ultimate Guide to Connected Packaging

Today’s consumer goods packaging is being revolutionized by a combination of cutting-edge and thrilling technology. Connected Packaging is the result of combining technology with product packaging design. But what exactly is connected packaging, and how will it affect brands’ interactions with consumers?

We’ll go through several elements of connected packaging in this Ultimate Guide to Connected Packaging, including augmented reality, data analytics, and everything else.

What Is Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging is the integration of a variety of technologies within your product packaging design to offer a better user experience, boost product engagement, and provide more consumer behaviour analysis.

Many consumer goods industries benefit from connected packaging, including but not limited to:

  • Cosmetics, for example, are a popular health and beauty category.
  • Food and drink
  • Cleaning chemicals that you can use at home
  • Toiletry items

Augmented Reality in Connected Packaging

Augmented reality is one of the most intriguing developments in connected packaging technology. Companies may show product information, brand stories, or even a personal message from the CEO directly linked to the package.

Web-based Augmented Reality adds a new level of usefulness to connected packaging. Customers don’t need to install apps in order to interact with brand items, resulting in a smoother user experience and boosting engagement rates for goods that include the technology.

QR Codes Within Packaging

QR codes are a popular and effective technique to direct customers to sites of your choosing. They’re a fantastic way to start product experiences right from the box itself, inside connected packaging. Contrary to popular belief, QR codes can be customized for your business, which means they may look far better than the typical QR styles you’re used to seeing.

The QR code box is shown within the activation instructions. This serves as a visual reminder to customers that they can interact with something, as well as instructing individuals on how to begin the experience.

When compared to traditional, static print marketing, augmented reality and QR code activation has been found to boost consumer engagement. If you want your product to have a higher rate of usage, this should be considered for future product design versions.‍

In terms of compatibility, iOS devices include the QR code scanning function built into the device’s native camera, whereas some Android phones also have it. Some Android handsets require users to manually turn on the QR code scanner in settings first; as a result, it’s critical to always offer a succinct URL with your activation instructions so that if people encounter difficulties, they can access the URL directly. It’s important to cover all possibilities.

If you’re looking to add connected packaging to your companies marketing, why not contact Appetite Creative. They specialise in playable experiences and gamification to drive better messaging, deliver high engagement rates, educate customers, improve interaction with your audience and ultimately raise your sales.


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