Store, Organize, and Share Cherished Memories

Store, Organize, and Share Cherished Memories

If you’re old enough to remember the days of disposable cameras, you know all too well how much of a hassle it could be to handle all of your photos. From making sure you have film in the camera to waiting around at a photo store to get images developed, just getting your hands on prints could be troublesome. Add to this the storing and organizing your photos, because standard prints could lead to bulky tableside piles. Thankfully, the ubiquity of digital photography has made these issues a thing of the past. With new options, managing your image galleries has never been easier.

What is ibi?

Meet ibi, Sandisk’s smart, innovative photo manager. Ibi operates through three primary functions: collecting, finding, and sharing photos. The collect feature makes a snap to automatically save your chosen photos and videos in the same place. You no longer need to sync multiple devices to make sure all of your images are shared to the right gallery, and you no longer need to sift through hundreds of prints to find the perfect shot.

Speaking of convenience, ibi also comes with an intuitive app that makes it far easier to find the photos you want. This takes a lot of the frustration out of photography and also means that you don’t have to flip back through months of images to find one particular frame.

On top of all of this, ibi is revolutionizing how we approach sharing photos across social media. As it stands now, social sharing is typically visible to each and every one of your friends and followers. However, not everyone wants all their photos and videos to be available to every person they know. Unless you take the time to set up private social media groups and closed message threads, you’re stuck with the uncomfortable feeling that you don’t really have any online privacy.

This is where ibi comes in. Instead of sharing photos with everyone, you can use ibi’s private sharing function to determine who gets to see what moments. That means that you have full control over the exciting and cherished moments in your life. There’s also an inner circle function that acts as a private feed that only authorized users can access and you can even create shared albums that entire groups can add to. It’s a great way to connect families and groups of friends without worrying that acquaintances are seeing a photo or video that you didn’t want them to.

More added benefits of storage

Especially in an era where more and more smartphone manufacturers are restricting the use of SD cards, storage space comes at a premium. If your phone fills up, you’ll have to invest in extra cloud storage space. If that fills up? You guessed it: You’ll have to pay more fees. At a massive 2 terabytes of storage space, you’d be hard pressed to fill ibi.

If all the previous talk of privacy strikes a chord with you, you’ll love another one of ibi’s features. Instead of all of your private images, videos, and moments being stored on a corporate server, your images are yours and yours alone, and you never have to worry about prying eyes compromising your security.

For the photographer in you, ibi is a no-brainer. It’s a smart device that’s changing the public’s approach to image and video sharing. Plus, with its affordable one-time cost, you stand a strong chance of saving money compared to subscription services and storage space upgrades. Your memories are priceless, so shouldn’t you treat them that way?

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