Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s Newest iPhone

Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s Newest iPhone

It’s been 2 years since iPhone X was launched, meaning you’re probably looking forward to upgrading to the newest in the market. Fortunately, you can sell your phone at Sell My Mobile website at a reasonable price. Consequently, you can add some more amount to the selling price and buy a new iPhone model.

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Phone?

People have different uses for their phones. For instance, some use their phones for calls and emails, while others use it for games and other things. It might require you to get the latest IOS operating system for you to operate your iPhone. Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone 6 you won’t upgrade your O/S beyond iOS 12. However, Apple takes care of their own and therefore upgrading security measure for iPhone 6 will be available.

If phone features can only work after upgrading the operating system, sell it on Sell My Mobile platform and buy a newer model. Similarly, if you want a phone with a larger display, you have to upgrade. For example, if you have XS which has 5.8-inch OLED display, you can purchase XS Max, which has a 6.5 –inch OLED display.

To illustrate, when you put a photo of yourself as the screensaver on the first phone, your legs won’t be visible. But when you do the same with the latter, you can view the whole image.

If you’re attentive to detail, you can change a phone because of the material it is made of. For example, iPhone X is made from stainless steel, while XR from aluminium. Moreover, XR has a wide range of colors to choose from.

Upgrading Your Smartphone

Every iPhone launched has new and better features than the previous. So, if you have an iPhone 6, you can upgrade to iPhone 8 or iPhone 11 because they have better and new features. Though the features are better, the prices are also high. However, it’s worth it, and you can sell your old phone and use the amount alongside what you’ve saved to buy a new phone.

What to Expect from the Newest iPhone

  1. Triple Lens Camera

Phone cameras are one of the things you have to check before buying a phone. Why? Who doesn’t love beautiful pictures? The new iPhone will have three rear cameras which are an upgrade from what the previous smartphones have. For example, iPhone X has one standard lens and a telephoto for zooming.

  1. Selfie Camera

Imagine getting a facelift without walking into a spa. Well, the new iPhone will give you more than a facelift because the camera has 12mexapixel capacity. Consequently, the facial recognition system will improve. In other words, if the previous front camera has 7 megapixels and it produced great pictures, what about the 12-megapixel camera?

  1. Excellent Charging Capability

It’s everyone’s dream to have a phone battery that lasts the whole day. Unfortunately, these batteries are disappointing. But the good news is the new iPhone will have a reverse wireless charging, and it will last for 25% more than what the iPhone and other phones do. You might not have had a reason to sell your phone on comparing my mobile before. But knowing that you’ll have a battery with higher battery life is convincing.

The iPhone XR battery stays longer than iPhone 8 plus by 90 minutes. So, the new phone will have a battery life of 25% more of the previous phones.

  1. Improved Processor

The first thing Apple improves in their phones is the processor. So, it’s no news that this year’s phone will have better processors. As the senior technology reviewer at Forbes suggests, new processors mean better performing iPhone.

Take Away

Most people buy phones after their previous phones get damaged or lost. However, you can still upgrade your phone because there is a ready market at Sell My Mobile platform where you can sell your old phone. Consequently, you’ll be among the first to buy and use the latest iPhone.


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