How to Start Your Own Green Business

How to Start Your Own Green Business


Is going green just a fad? People tend to mistrust businesses, big and small. There is something about “corporate” mindset, big smiles and square suits that make people cynical about each endeavor of business owners to do something that appears to be humane or ecological.

However, this is a wrong thing to ask for many reasons, and most of them are becoming increasingly apparent to us every day as global warming wreaks havoc on the ecosystem that surrounds us. Weather is becoming more unpredictable, and people are the main cause of it.

Therefore, “going green” is not a fad, it’s a necessity, and many businesses are following suit. They are either modifying their existing business model or creating a whole new business from ground up as the market for it has never been so fertile.

If you are a business owner, here’s what you should know if you want to do your part and start your own green business.


Find the right product


First of all, your business should follow previously established models. Producing or selling ecological products does not mean a different sort of business dealings, and a true business model begins and ends with a product. What can you offer that makes a difference?

If you, for example, want to be an eco-consultant, you have to do some research of the market in your town or county. If there are a lot of businesses that do the same sort of work around, you’d want to do something different. Offering something that makes a difference also means offering something unique.

How does this affect your business?

Find a product that nobody produces or sells in the local market. This has two benefits: number one – you are protecting the environment from a different perspective, which is always a plus, and number two – the market is therefore not very competitive.

Start off with a bit of research and find some of the most popular green products in the world right now. They will give you an idea of what people find most appealing or interesting in this area, but also what you should most likely avoid – the most popular product usually comes with a global market that is oversaturated with it.

You can’t go wrong with recycling

However, there’s one thing that has been the integral factor of green businesses and that keeps going strong – and that’s recycling. This is one of those exceptions to the rules. Various businesses with close ties to recycling are skyrocketing, especially of plastic bags and wraps.

Therefore, starting a business that is closely related to this activity is an option you should consider. It can range from producing a special kind of garbage canisters that compress recycled material to actually starting a business that converts recycled material into something else.

What’s popular at the moment?


The demand for high-profile companies that specialize in geotechnical engineering, dewatering and water well engineering is growing as we battle to save our most important resource on the planet.

Even celebrities are doing their part to raise awareness of the problems and endorse various green products. There is a noticeable rise in the demand for apps like GoodGuide, Commute Greener and Rippl that are just like celebrities raising awareness while helping people lead greener lifestyles.

Many programming giants are jumping on this bandwagon too, and you can be among the pioneering businesses that are solely concentrated on creating these sorts of apps.


Green products are more expensive almost by rule. Slap the word “organic” on any product and its price can go up by at least 20%. This is a great perk of green business; however, be mindful it has led to many hoaxes and false advertisements. The 21st century is the age of transparency thanks to the online world, so any possible hoaxes in regard to this important issue are met with a fierce backlash.

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