Most Common CV Errors

If you would like to write a unique and eye-catching CV, make sure you don’t make any of the following common mistakes. Believe it or not, but it is delusively easy to make errors when writing a resume. Particularly, if you are creating your first curriculum vitae or making revisions for a new job search, you want to be certain it is perfectly written and won’t destroy your career.

Certainly, not everyone can be a competent CV writer. In this case, make use of choosing among cv writing services. You can choose from the best curriculum vitae writers, who will help you with this challenging task to catch employer’s attention by writing a winning high-quality CV.

However, if you feel you are capable of accomplishing this task yourself, consider some of the following tips of how to avoid most common mistakes.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes and Typos

The most valuable thing is to make your CV grammatically perfect. Otherwise, employers may suggest you are not thoughtful or don’t care about your work. Typos are usually striking and hit serious employers in the eye.

Avoid Lack of Details

Don’t be afraid to describe what you have done and how. Specifics and details will more likely catch the eye of the employer and grab their attention. Moreover, a detailed description will be much more interesting and easier to imagine.

Avoid too Generalized Resumes

Don’t send a standard generalized curriculum vitae to all employers, because this can lead to a bad start of your future career. Recruiters want you to make a CV especially for them. When your resume clearly shows why and how you fit the job opening in a certain company, employers are more likely to read it in depth and get in touch with you.

Emphasize Accomplishments Instead of Duties

Avoid listing your previous job duties in the CV. This will sound dull and it’s not what employers are looking forward to reading. Instead, try to explain and describe what you have accomplished in your previous positions. Your achievements will <a href=””>grab recruiter’s attention</a> and will definitely make a great impression of your completed tasks.

Arbitrary Resume Length

There are a lot of various opinions about the length a resume should have. However, opinions differ and there are no specific rules for CV length. Everyone has different expectations and preferences. It means you don’t have to cut things short in an attempt to fit in one page. A five-page curriculum vitae is also too much, so try to limit it to an average one to two-page document.

Avoid Exaggerated Praise

Writing CV objective is very important. However, employers do not like unclear and generalized praise like “Looking for a challenging position with professional growth.” Better write a definite objective, which will win employer’s interest and focus on your needs as well as their expectations.

Include All Important Information

Don’t eliminate such information as jobs you have had during school years. Those experiences were much more significant than you may think – they were not just part-time jobs to earn some extra money. Such soft skills as time management and work ethic may be attractive to many employers.

Make Your Curriculum Vitae Visually Attractive

Avoid using too many fonts in your resume, as it will most likely distract employer’s attention from important points or even lead to a headache. The best tip is to show your CV to several people before you send it. In case they find it unreadable, it’s better to revise it in order to show yourself in the most favorable light.

Avoid Mistakes in Contact Information

Even if your CV is very strong and persuasive, having mistakes in your contact information will put your career at hazard. When you think your resume sounds perfect, still double-check phone number, e-mail, and other details.

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  1. Really great tips on avoiding these cover letter mistakes as job seeker. I was looking for some tips on crafting a good cover letter but here found a great article which focusing on common mistakes that we tend to make in cover letter. Thanks for sharing!

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