More Than Profit: Benefits of Vending Machines

More Than Profit: Benefits of Vending Machines

Vending machines are powerful tools for business owners and organizational leaders, because they can generate profits with virtually no management on the part of the organization. An extra revenue stream is something that few managers would turn their nose up at, so vending machines are a common-sense addition to businesses and organizations. But, beyond this, there are other reasons to invest in vending machines — some of which you’ll find have nothing to do with the profits!

Boost employee morale

When you place a vending machine in an employee space, you can actually generate a new revenue stream that comes directly from your employees themselves. If that already sounds appealing, then you’ll be very happy to hear this next bit: your employees will actually be happier once you have the vending machine set up.

Studies show that employees like having break rooms equipped with vending machines. Evidence also shows that healthy choices in a vending machine can improve the mood and health of your workforce. Your employees are a busy, hard-working bunch, but they need to take a breather once in a while. Being able to grab a refreshment in a quick, convenient, and affordable way is a big help to them, and they’re more than happy to send a few of their hard-earned dollars back your way if you provide the opportunity! Setting up a vending machine is an easier way to boost employee morale in comparison to many other alternatives.

Make your customers and visitors happy

It’s not just employees that enjoy having access to a vending machine. If you put your vending machine in the right place (and placement does matter when it comes to vending machine success), you’ll make it available to your customers, too. This can be a very good move for different types of businesses and organizations.

A vending machine in a waiting room or office at an auto shop can please customers who might otherwise be bored or frustrated. A vending machine by the gym in a local school offers student-athletes, fans, and parents a way to re-hydrate or refresh themselves — especially at hours when other concession options are closed or far away. Your business or organization may be great at what it does, but couldn’t it add another value for its customers?

Besides, customers like the simplicity of dealing with machines — it fits right into our culture of using convenient mobile apps and tech-savvy, quick-and-easy solutions.

And a good vending-machine investment can also amplify the existing benefits of a business. A beverage center may be a go-to destination for beer and soda, but wouldn’t it be a more convenient and effective place to stock up for a party if it had an ice vending machine right out in front of the building? It would, of course — which is why you’ll find ice vending machines outside or inside of so many beverage centers.

Vending machines generate profits, but that’s not all that they can do. They’re no-brainers for all sorts of organizations and businesses, because they please employees and customers alike, all while amplifying the value-adds of the business itself.

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