Important Things to Know About Balcony Garden Designs

Important Things to Know About Balcony Garden Designs

In today’s world of crammed spaces and high rise apartments, it is hard to find open spaces or separate yards for growing and maintaining gardens. Because of this reason, balcony garden design is gaining more popularity. Balcony gardens are small and occupy less space. Most importantly they can fit right on your apartment’s balcony. You can easily be harvesting small plants, herbs and decorate your balcony with some hanging pots. You do not need to spend much time on the maintenance of the balcony garden and you can easily maintain your plants with weekend watering.

Balcony Garden Design
Balcony Garden Design

Why Would You Opt for Balcony Garden Designs?

Many people have busy shifts and are not able to maintain large gardens. A balcony garden on the other hand is very easy to maintain as all you have to do is step out into your balcony. Further, these gardens also provide a recreational atmosphere that helps relieve our daily stress and provides a breath of fresh air. You can design small greenery on your balcony and you can spend your weekend on your balcony with your friends and family. You just need to install some small chairs and a table on your balcony and design your balcony with some small plants. If you want to need any help then you can hire the balcony garden designers in this regard. 

How Would You Design Your Balcony Garden?

  1. Space Planning: Before starting to stack your flower pots in the balcony, you have to understand that a balcony garden design is an art. And art cannot be rushed. If you simply throw pots here and there, it is just going to look like one big mess. So plan how you are going to utilize the available space, and then install some pots, containers and hanging pots on your balcony.
  2. Atmospheric Conditions: The temperature and humidity conditions vary from place to place. So when you buy your plants, make sure that they are suitable to grow in your particular environment. Another thing you have to notice is the sunlight. For a good balcony garden design, you must make sure that you place the plants according to their sunlight exposure requirement.

  3. Type of Plant and Soil: Some plants grow well only in particular soils. Make sure that you match the plant and soil correctly before placing in the container. Another thing you have to notice is that the plants can be perennial or seasonal. Perennials last throughout the year, whereas seasonal are only available during particular months of the year. If that is the case, try to get a mix of crops so that your garden remains occupied all the time.
  4. Water Availability: Some plants are always quite ‘thirsty’. So if your place does not have continuous water supply you might want to skip such varieties. If you travel a lot, leaving your plants alone for days, then you might try planting ‘dry’ varieties. 
Balcony Garden Design
Balcony Garden Design

Some Innovative Tips to Get the Perfect Balcony Garden

  • Do some exterior wood décor or apply sand finishes to the walls to give a natural look.
  • Put a few chairs or a small table in the midst. Make this a place where you can relax and have your evening tea.
  • Add colorful stones and pebbles.
  • If you have railings, then add a shelf of hanging flowering plants or creepers along it.
  • If you have a plain wall, nail horizontal planks to this and make shelves.
  • There is no need to restrict the containers to just flower pots. You can also use old baskets or wooden crates for your balcony garden design.

A balcony garden design involves a lot more than just plants. So now, you can design your balcony with some creativeness and add some aesthetic value to your small apartment.

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