How to Treat IP Addresses as an Investment

How to Treat IP Addresses as an Investment

The power of the internet is truly still in its adolescence. The ability to connect computing devices across the expanse of space was conceived. The infrastructure was built by a computer scientist team based primarily at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), UCLA, and Stanford in the late 1960s. They sent their first successful communication across the air on October 29th, 1969 – the ‘Big Bang’ of internet connectivity, so to speak – and the internet has continued to expand rapidly in magnitude and reach ever since.

The internet’s primary ingenuity comes in two parts; first, the infrastructure relies on a concept called packet switching, which is simply a new way of transferring large amounts of data from one machine to another in small chunks of packets. Secondly, the internet progenitors created protocols for communication on the base level of device connectivity and processing. These data relay standards and how a computer or phone receives incoming data and sends its response make for a finely tuned user experience that leaves the layman empowered by the technical jargon that turns global communication infrastructure.

IP addresses are the main expression of this genius. Investors are learning all too well the power of an IP address in today’s marketplace for continued internet utilization across the globe. In fact, investors turn to tailored IPV4 address providers that research IP address space in ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC to buy an IP address as an investment.

Why buy an IP address?


Simply put: IPv4 addresses make for a great opportunity, but there are several more technical reasons why investors are flocking to this exciting investment opportunity. They begin with the simple and quickly branch out into complicated investor strategies. But the real estate of the internet makes for high yielding investment potential regardless of your approach to the marketplace.

To truly understand the potential of an investment in dedicated IPs, it helps to begin with some background on how this Internet Protocol works – understanding the function and potential of the asset class is the best way to learn to leverage it as a financial instrument, after all. Dedicated IP space is technically an expression of two distinct things. It’s perhaps easiest to think of this in terms of real estate: a street address for a listed property helps you to find the location of the home, while the description (4/4 two-story home with pool, for example) helps you to parse the relative contents of the space.

This acts as a ‘name’ for the property that helps you to identify or sort the types of real estate offerings that are interesting or valuable to you and your family during a move. IPv4 addresses function as both the location and name of the internet asset and this overlap is what allows investors to really capitalize on their digital assets. Take it from the experts, investors, and high-tech professionals, like Dominion Energy’s Prabir Purohit, who understand that investor action in this space yields several unique benefits to a bank account’s bottom line.

Utilize IP addresses for personal promotion.


One great way to leverage your newly purchased dedicated IP’s collateral value is to create a personalized site that shows off who you are. Investing in a webpage to create a sales pitch for your own brand is a great way to make the most of your future interviews and create a buzz around your professional talents. Whether you work in computer science circles yourself or are a statistician, social scientist, or marketing guru, the ability to create a brand and forcefully present it at the forefront of any internet research that may be aimed at you in advance of a job offer is a priceless commodity.

Leverage IP space as internet real estate.


Other investors buy IPv4 blocks to own precious digital real estate that others will crave for their own future projects. Because the IP space works as both locations and names for internet assets, a targeted buying opportunity works in the same way that real estate collectors might identify and purchase properties with growth potential.

Likewise, many property investors find that alternative investment funds offer a unique advantage over the buying up of physical assets. They stumble upon and ask, ‘what is Yieldstreet?’ before learning the power in bundled sub-asset classes. The same goes for internet investors. Finding bundled offers like the IPv4 blocks on offer from digital brokers working in the IPv4 address space is crucial for collectors looking to take advantage of this investment opportunity at a rock bottom pricing structure. It’s an effective way to enhance your operations and leverage digital assets in different ways. The benefits are clearly visible to your staff.

Grow a digital advertising base.


Buying IPv4 address space also gives you the license to continue building upon anything that already exists in the ether of its internal network of pages. Any domain authority that an IP space continues to enjoy can be leveraged to generate additional advertising revenue in short order. Beginning with one site and continuing to grow an empire of internet locations that generate unique streams of advertising income is a fantastic way for a digital asset class investor to see constantly increasing returns on investment.

This avenue will, of course, require the input of your time and energy. Still, it stands to net incredibly possibilities as your pages continue their natural growth course with the addition of more and more unique entries and optimization practices. There are approximately 409 million unique page visitors to over 20 billion blog pages each month, so capturing your share of this incredible space for advertising isn’t just a pipe dream.

The internet provides a spectrum of viable investment opportunities for those willing to learn how to leverage the collateral value and its corresponding dedicated IP address. Internet resources are a fantastic way to grow your footprint, bank account, and name. Make the jump into this new and exciting territory to see your portfolio explode with growth in no time.

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