How to Convert Video to Embed on a Blog from Video Sharing Platforms

How to Convert Video to Embed on a Blog from Video Sharing Platforms

One of the easiest ways to publish videos on your blog is by embedding them from video sharing platforms. Not only is it fast to do so, but it also has several additional benefits – not the least of which being the fact that the bandwidth load will be on the video sharing platform as opposed to your own webhost.

On top of that, most video sharing platforms include other helpful features such as feature-rich players that automatically optimize the resolution according to the users connection speed. That in itself is useful, considering it will improve the experience of viewers overall.

Assuming you’re sold on the idea of embedding videos onto your blog from video sharing platforms, all you need to do is prepare them accordingly. That is where you’ll need a capable video converter such as Movavi Video Converter to help you convert the video format as well as tweak its settings.

In general, converting videos for video sharing platforms isn’t so much about converting MP4 to WMV or any other format. Instead, the main goal should be to use Movavi Video Converter to match the recommended settings of the platform that you intend to use. Each platform has different recommended settings – so you will need to look up the settings for the one that you intend to use.

As far as the resolution and frame rate goes, it is best to use the highest available – up to 1080p and 60fps if your video was recorded as such. Because the platform will be able to adjust the resolution itself, you don’t need to concern yourself too much on that front.

Seeing as you’re using Movavi Video Converter, you could take advantage of the presets that come with it to help automatically optimize your videos for video sharing platforms. Also you could use its other features to improve the quality of your videos, cut and combine segments, add captions, and crop or rotate the video prior to uploading it.

To put it simply, Movavi Video Converter will afford you ample features to prepare your video so that it is ideal both in terms of appearance as well as its video format and settings. That way when you do upload it to a video sharing platform and then embed it on your blog, it will look exactly as you desire.

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