Everything you need to know about Android’s latest Oreo

Everything you need to know about Android’s latest Oreo

Nowadays mobile phones are the most important thing for everyone. As we all know that Android is the world’s most popular operating system. It consists of a wide range of unprecedented and extraordinary features. Google updates its operating system every year and this year in August, Google has launched its latest Android operating system software worldwide.

The most important thing in this latest Android operating system is lesser consumption of battery life. This feature really lifted its graph in the market. In this article, we will provide you all the information you need to know about the latest Android operating system which is named as “OREO”.

It was originally called Android O but all the operating systems that Google has launched yet are after the name of sweet treats so OREO was a preferable name. As technology progress take place and change our lives, your house should also be safe.

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So here are all the features and improvements that you need to know about the Android’s latest operating system (Oreo).



 Background limiting feature has enabled the latest operating system (OREO) to hibernate background apps and save a lot of battery life.

Many apps run in the background consuming all the battery and your phone turns off when you need it. But with OREO your smart phone’s battery will last longer than expected and provide you best experience when you need it.


Google has done some serious effort on the back end to improve the speed and optimize the operating system with the latest OREO.

It means your phone will take less time booting up then it takes now. Google claims that it boots twice as faster as the former one with the PIXEL.

This new operating system loads apps faster and runs them smoother than the last one by default, without any task done by the developers.



Google has provided the latest advanced protection feature in the new operating system. Your phone will be more secure with this amazing new security feature. Oreo scans all the apps and games in your phone so that no app can do any harm to your phone or your data.

A small card appears on the screen to let you know about the process of scanning and cleaning virus.



In the latest Android’s operating system (OREO) Google has added a new feature by which notification dots will appear on the apps and will show all the pending notifications of that app.

Long taps on the notification dots will allow you to access contextual menu actions which you can carry out in one single tap.


Google has also introduced a feature of smart text selection in the latest operating system.

This feature is intended to make your daily interactions with your phone less tiresome.

It easily provides smart suggestions that will really help you when you are sending long addresses or you have to send same information with some editing in different articles, then this feature will provide the best assistance to you and ease your task. It will do same to mobile numbers and in maps too.


 Google has also introduced a more powerful Google assistant in the new Android’s operating system.

Google assistant will also be open to the developers, so they can leverage it within their applications.

Whether you are roaming inside an application, Google assistant will be working in the background and help the users in a lot of different ways.


So these are all the main features of the latest Android operating system (OREO). Android’s latest operating system has set apart “OREO” from all the operating systems because of its awesome features and improved software.

I hope this article provides you all the information that you need to know about Android’s latest Operating system (OREO). I am sure you will love this article.

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