How are employee well-being and productivity linked to office design

How are employee well-being and productivity linked to office design

If you want your employees to reach the maximum of their performance and to increase their productivity, you need to give them the right motivation. Most people feel that their jobs are just something they have to do in order to survive, so they look at them like a set of boring daily routines. We live in the times of capitalism, so most of the company’s directors make the same mistake and think that motivation lies just in rewards and bonuses. Although money is very important today, for the right motivation is always more important how your employees feel on the job. In order to boost their positive feelings, you need to pay attention to your office design.

Know your colors                                                          

When it comes to the office interior design, the most common mistake people make is to think about the latest trends and not on their employee’s feelings. The best example for this is the choice of colors for the walls. Today it’s very popular to have your office walls in bright and strong colors such as red, but not many people know that this can make people who work inside very nervous and sometimes even aggressive. The point is to choose the colors that will make your employees feel relaxed and happy, so you need to be familiar with the psychology of colors in order to be able to find the right ones.

It’s not a museum

Another thing that can go wrong when following latest trends is that you can make a lot of unwanted distractions. Decorations can be really useful for increasing productivity, but you need to know how to make them right because you can produce the opposite effect. Your employees already have full pockets of distractions they carry to work every day like phones, tablets, and laptops which they can hardly handle. If you don’t have a concept for decorations don’t just bring various random things in order to cover clean walls and plastic desks. You’ll just occupy their attention with all those kitschy stuff and even lessen their motivation to work. Don’t use too much artwork, too – it’s their working place, not a museum.

The great outdoors

The well-being of every person is closely connected to nature in the sense of green outdoor areas, so it’s always good to implement nature elements in the interior design of your office. Having various plants inside the office space and going eco-friendly is always a plus, but you can do much more than that. The point is to reproduce the feeling of nature inside the closed space. The best tactic is to open up space in order to get as much natural light as you can. Besides the fact that it will improve the air quality, it will also reduce the stress of your employees and make them feel calm and relaxed. If your company’s location hasn’t got much of a view or if it’s surrounded by much taller buildings, you can turn to artificial light to make the right atmosphere. But remember that you should always use artificial light to imitate the natural one.

Inside the labyrinth

The greatest task, when confronted with the art of interior design, is to create the sense of freedom. No matter how hard you try, your employees will always feel a bit like caged animals. It’s just about the fact that they need to do the work in order to get money and there’s nothing you can do about it, but you can create the feeling that they’re not completely bound by giving them the freedom of movement.

This is something that is often overlooked. Every company needs a lot of tools and machines to get the job done and they are usually left all over the place creating a labyrinth your employees must walk through. But you need to free the space in order to create a healthy circulation. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to throw anything away, today you can choose from a variety of Super Cheap Storage solutions that will allow you to keep all your tools near and ready to use, but out of the way.

Your every employee is an individual with different needs, so there are no strict rules how to design the interior of your office. All the thing listed above are just tips that will help you get the idea which way to go. The most important thing is to get to know the people you work with and to pay attention to their feelings. Only when you get to know them you’ll be able to create a working environment that will boost their productivity.


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