Bathroom renovation doesn’t have to break the bank

Bathroom is one of the most important places in everyone’s home. It is where we relax, clear our minds from stress of the day, prepare for the long day ahead of us, and take care of our bodies. All this is so important, that everyone feels like bathroom is the number one meditative place in their home. When it comes to bathroom renovation, you can never be too prepared or too careful. Cost can be astronomically high, but also surprisingly low, depending on your preparations and decisions. If you don’t want to break the bank, here is what you should keep in mind.

Asses the ‘critical area’

Sometimes you feel like you need a fresh start, so you decide to change everything – the sink, toilet, tiles, shower curtains, and the colour of the walls. Regardless of how exciting, thrilling, and fulfilling that can be, it is also incredibly expensive. Be critical but also be realistic; there is no point in being overly ambitious if it is only going to cost you more. You can achieve the same effect by having a few small but significant changes.

Opt for more efficient, not bigger

Bigger bathroom does not necessarily mean that it is going to be as efficient. Be logical and think about saving space, but also about usefulness and efficiency of things you are going to have in your bathroom. Fill the walls with tall shelves, use more natural light, and use that handy space above the door to add yet another shelf which would hold all those items you don’t use everyday – like cleaning items, different sprays and chemicals. It also represents a great place for these because kids cannot reach it, so they will not hurt themselves.

DIY ideas

There are things you can do yourself, and it represents yet another way to save some money. You can easily repaint your walls into another colour, and not have professionals do it for you. Cal a few friends and turn it into a half work, half party day, have fun and share a few drinks afterwards. It is a great opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Not to mention what workout this can be – a true arm day at the gym.

Changing your tiles

This is one of the easiest ways to brighten up and modernize your bathroom, so it’s no wonder so many people choose to do this when they are renovating. The most important thing is to measure your bathroom carefully so you know exactly how many tiles you are going to need. You don’t want to end up a few tiles short and find out they don’t have any more when you go back to the store to buy what you need. This is a bad scenario so make sure you know your measures.

When you need help

If you cannot avoid replacing your sink or toilet, there is no way to create more problems and costs by doing it yourself. Yes, we are sure that you can do it and you can easily prove it, but even the tiniest little mistake can cost you more than you know. In case you slip and drop your precious new sink, or connect something the wrong way, or forget to tighten the screws… Ruining your bathroom is much easier than fixing it. There are many professionals in Sydney specialized in bathroom renovation who can do this job, that it would be a mistake trying to do it yourself.

Do your homework

When it happens that you have to call professionals to do some work for you, always do some research before you make final decision. Doing your own legwork can save you some money too. Ask around and check the prices of fixtures in the bathroom, toilet, faucets, tiles; and buy some of these yourself since contractors sometimes charge more for these. Check the contractor’s prices and compare them to the ones you see at the market, and if that is going to save you some money – buy the items yourself.

Bathroom renovation is unavoidable at some point, and you should not put it off for too long since that decision can only cause more problems and make your costs higher. Be creative and experiment, you could save plenty of money if you decide to do some things yourself, but don’t push it – certain things really should be done by professionals.

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