5 Popular Uses of Mylar Bags

5 Popular Uses of Mylar Bags

When you are exploring packaging options for your products, you have a lot of choices to consider. The great news for modern businesses is that technology has created a diverse selection of materials for packaging. However, one stands above all others for a lot of applications: mylar bags. These are five common uses for this material choice.

1) Frozen Foods

Mylar bags make excellent frozen food packaging. They are watertight, so they can contain both frozen and thawed product. Furthermore, they can sturdy enough to withstand temperature changes. The bright, high-definition printing can help frozen foods to stand out on store freezer shelves, a setting that is typically more obstructed than standard shelves.

The tearable and resealable design options for mylar bags also make them great for frozen foods. They are more convenient for customers.

2) Loose Products (Grains, Beans, Powders etc.)

Another useful application for mylar bags is to contain various types of loose food, supplement and beauty products. These pouches are very good at containing grains, beans, powders and other similar products.

This makes them a great choice for coffee, tea, confections and supplements. Much like frozen foods, these products benefit from the stand-out printing and other useful features. In particular, stand-up pouches are great for scooping out loose products such as powders.

3) Resealable Packaging

Many products are packaged in amounts that are not appropriate for a single use. For example, snacks such as pretzels or cookies are usually not sold (only) in individual quantities. Therefore, they need packaging that will protect them between uses.

Mylar bags offer resealable tops that make them perfect for containing these types of products. They minimize product wastage and ensure that customers will continue to get a good quality experience even if they don’t consume the product immediately.

4) Child-Safe Packaging

Some products need to be protected against curious little ones gaining access. Packaging such as cardboard boxes and traditional plastic tubs cannot prevent children from opening them. Fortunately, mylar bags can be designed with child-safe features.

Child resistant mylar bags are ideal for medicinal products, edibles, cartridges and other items that may not be appropriate for a young person. Pouches can also be designed to be tamper-evident.

5) Odorous Products

Some products just smell. Strong cheeses, confections, edibles and other products may be enjoyable when they are being consumed but have odors that consumers don’t want to permeate their homes. Odor-resistant packaging is a simple solution.

Mylar bags are very good choices for minimizing the reach of product fragrance (pleasant or unpleasant). If you have an item that you don’t think customers want to be able to smell all around their homes, consider these pouches.

Explore Whether Mylar Bags Are Right for Your Brand

Could digital printed stand up pouches help your business? The right packaging will make your products stand out on the shelves. Plus, it can keep your products fresh and usable for longer. Whether you need packaging for frozen foods, confections, snacks, powders, grains or any other item, mylar pouches may be the solution you need. Learn more today.

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