10 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are Better Than Delivery Trucks

10 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are Better Than Delivery Trucks

Do you have a small business, or are you simply sick of paying companies for same-day deliveries? Have you ever considered purchasing a white cruiser bike with basket or a tricycle for adults so you can make runs to the store or offer deliveries without high additional costs? If you haven’t considered a cargo bike before, then think about the top ten reasons bikes are better than delivery trucks.

1. Faster Delivery in Big Cities

Traffic is notoriously terrible in big cities. Bicycles have the luxury of bike lanes or being able to travel on sidewalks. Therefore, in larger cities, it is often faster to travel by bike than a vehicle. As more manufacturers produce hybrid bicycles, the gain in delivery time becomes even more apparent.

2. Safer In Traffic

Because bicycles often have designated lanes, they are safer to operate in heavy traffic. It is also easier to weave in and out of traffic congestion to provide on-time deliveries. However, riders need to be cautious of parked cars.

3. Environmentally Friendly

In a world that continues to see the effects of global warming, it is more important than ever before to make a positive change for the planet. Driving a car is one of the worst things a person can do for their carbon footprint.

4. Cost-Effective

While hybrid bicycles can cost a few thousand dollars, it is still less expensive than buying a delivery truck. Even if you could purchase a small van for a few thousand dollars, consider the costs of insurance and gas. A bicycle does not require continual charges after the initial purchase.

5. Fewer Restrictions for Operators

Depending on the size of the delivery truck, a driver may be required to get special licensing. However, to provide deliveries on a bike, there are no special licenses. Everyone likely gained the skills for bike delivery when they were children.

6. Healthier Workers

Obesity plagues the delivery driver community because they are inactive most of the day. If your delivery people are riding bikes, then they will be among the healthiest delivery experts in the field because cycling is among the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise.

7. Convenient Parking

In larger cities, it is challenging to find parking. However, a delivery or cargo bicycle can park right in front of a business. Also, there is no need for parking expenses, as most places allow the parking of bicycles for free.

8. Fun

Whether you own a company or just want to go to the store, a cargo bike is fun for deliveries and pickups. You get exercise, and you can experience the joy of the fresh air outside.

9. Better for Local Businesses

It is difficult for local businesses to compete with Amazon and other delivery services. Cargo bike deliveries level the playing field for smaller companies.

10. Beneficial for Homes and Businesses

While a cargo bike is beneficial for businesses because it saves money and time, it is also useful for homeowners. A cargo bike allows for safer travel, and it will enable you to pollute less while saving money on gas.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of a cargo bike, then visit a retailer showroom. You can call a representative from your favorite bike shop to set up a test ride.

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