3 Things You Must Do After Moving Into a New Home

3 Things You Must Do After Moving Into a New Home

Moving to a new home can be both exciting & exhausting. Having a larger space and decorating it with your fresh vision can be both rewarding and fulfilling. But before you get unpacking, you have to take care of planning the move and executing it so that your old home and new home are both squared away. The last thing you want to have to deal with are issues that occur throughout the move. Creating a checklist for yourself for both leaving an old home and preparing to move into a new one will save you from doubting your every move. We’ve come up with a few essential tasks to complete after your move into your new place.

Make Sure You Have Everything

When you leave your old home, you shouldn’t have to go back to do anything else. This goes beyond double-checking that you have all your boxes and furnitureit also applies to your mail and utilities, as well. One of the first things you should try to do after you decide to move is to pick a date and schedule for your mail, cable, and utilities to be transferred to your new location as of your move-in date. If you are moving into an area that uses a different gas or electric company, you’ll want to make sure that your current utilities will be shut off by your move-out date and ready for you at your new property. Hiring a helpful hand or two can assist with making sure that all your things are making it to your new destination. When hiring a moving company, make sure to do your research. Going after cheap movers doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having quality professionals. There are a lot of economical routes out there. Always research and read reviews about the company you are looking to hire. This extra step can save you from having to deal with lost or damaged belongings.   

Perform Your Own Walkthrough

Whether in a new house, a condo, townhouse, or apartment, there is usually a guided walkthrough that takes place papers things are signed and keys are given. However, that walkthrough shouldn’t be the last time you take a thorough stroll through your new place. Before the movers even start to bring things in, you should make a final inspection, just to make sure that nothing has appeared that wasn’t there before (unless it’s a welcome basket). This includes critters and bugs! Once furniture and boxes start taking up space, it’s harder to notice minor issues that can be taken care of quickly, like a small ant situation.

Utilize helpful resources for searching for local professionals. For instance, you might find a swimming pool contractor in Hamilton, NJ from the bulletin board at a local hardware store or post office rather than searching online. Having great resources in your back pocket will come in handy if you ever need quick repairs done around the house.  

Make It Home

Let’s face it: no one is going to unpack their whole house the same day. This often leaves us sitting in a large space with mounds of boxes and nothing nice to yet admire. Don’t fret! Instead, do something small to make your new place feel like home. Put up a picture of the family or light your favorite scented candle. Order pizza, use the boxes as a table, put on a movie, and chill-ax the rest of the night. Since moving can be both time-consuming and sometimes stressful, it’s nice to simply enjoy your new place for a few moments or hours after you first move in. After all, it’s yours!


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