You’re Dead without the Money

The biggest lie your have ever heard is, “Money is not important in my life.” There is enough proof that whatever you’re today and whatever you’ll ever be is shaped by money. And it is pointless to deny the role that money plays in one’s life.

Everything you are today is an outcome of the money flow in your life status, net worth, and self-image. You need money to buy necessities, want and sometimes, even luxuries. Money if the fuel that keeps the cycle of life moving. You run out of it and your cycle stops!

Money is perhaps as essential as the air you breathe, as vital as a mother’s milk is to her new-born baby or as life-giving as the blood circulating in your body. Whether you love it or hate it, you simply cannot live without money.

Friend: “I need your advice. It is a question of my life and death.”

Golmal: “Don’t worry; I am good at giving advice. Tell me, what is your problem?

Friend Tell me should I marry the one-eyed widow who is a millionaire or the pretty girl who is very poor who I love?”

Golmal: “Friend, truest your heart. What does your heart say?”

Friend: “You have opened my eyes; money is not everything in the world. I want to marry the girl whom I love even though she is poor.”

Golmal: “Good! Always trust your heart, brother. By the way, now that you have decided to marry the poor girl, please give me the phone number of the one-eyed widow!”

If you thing that money is important only from birth to death then you are wrong. Remember that funerals are not free even if you are not the one paying for them.

Make an important decision here and now. Do you really want money or now? If you’ll have to be very clear to value its importance. Money presents itself only to those who deeply value and cherish it.

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