Why Visit Australia?

Why Visit Australia?

Australia is a vast diverse island continent located in the southern hemisphere. It is divided into six states and two territories, each with its own identity and uniqueness. There are many reasons that the Land Down Under should be on your bucket list.

The climate

The great thing about the climate in Australia is that it is so diverse there is an ideal place for everyone. If you prefer milder weather than the southeastern areas like Sydney in New South Wales or Melbourne in Victoria are perfect for you. If you like warmer weather then places like Brisbane in Queensland might be the better choice. If you have an affinity for tropical weather take a visit to the north of Australia visiting places such as Cairns in Queensland or Darwin in the Northern Territory. Once you decide where in Australia is right for you, then you can plan your trip around that. Keep in mind that the southern part of Australia has four seasons while the top of the country has only two (hot or hot and wet).


Sports are a big part of Australian culture. There is a passionate following for all kinds of sports be it Australian Rules Football, which has a massive following, particularly in the southern states or horseracing, which takes place all around the country. From placing Railway Stakes bets in Perth to celebrating the Autumn Racing Carnival in Sydney to the crowning event, The Melbourne Cup, being one of the biggest horseracing events in the world, you will find a day at the races in every state and territory. Rugby is also a popular sport, especially in New South Wales and Queensland. In addition to the sports that are played, there are other major international events hosted in Australia which include Wimbledon, Formula 1, and the Australian Open golf championship to keep you entertained.

The people

The people of Australia are widely multicultural with many foreigners and expats choosing to call Australia their home. This has brought many different cultural traits from around the world that have melded in with traditional Australian culture. Melbourne has a European feel to it with a lot of outdoor restaurants and cafes and the architecture of Sydney is inspired by its British origins. The people of Australia are known for their friendly demeanour and their acceptance of people from all walks of life. The diversity of the people often gives an international feel, allowing people to feel comfortable no matter where they are from.


There is always some event occurring somewhere in Australia at any time of the year. There are countless music festivals with all styles of music represented. A prime example of this is The Big Day Out which is one of the largest music festivals in the southern hemisphere. Arts events and festivals are also popular all over the country. The Sydney Festival is one of Australia’s biggest art festivals and attracts over 500,000 people annually. Food and wine festivals are common everywhere as well, notably including the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival which comprises more than 100 events over 10 days every August.

Australia promises a world of experience to visitors from around the globe. There is a climate, an event and a good time to be had no matter what your travel style is. Being such a large country, you can take your time to explore all that this great country has to offer to make the most of your trip.


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