Why Stem Cell Therapy Is The Future Of Medical Treatment

Why Stem Cell Therapy Is The Future Of Medical Treatment

It is correct to say that a lot of work has been geared towards improving the traditional medicine. However, the conventional medicine is still unable to reach such limits, making it be described as being unresponsive to most diseases. This caused some diseases to be named incurable. An example of such a disease is the loss of vision.

Regenerative medicine is a game changer in the medical world. The regenerative medicine approach is developing towards treating various degenerative diseases such as Osteoarthritis. This approach targets the natural ability of the human or animal body to cure itself from within. Regenerative medicine promises the repair of the damaged tissues and the reversal of the effects of the various degenerative diseases.

Regenerative medicine is the advanced process of creating some living and functional tissues in the laboratory to replace or repair any organ or tissue function that was lost because of factors such as; disease, age, congenital disabilities or damage. Regenerative medicine manages to do all this through various techniques one of them being stem cell therapy.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy has been carried out on animals and humans for several years and is quickly developing. Stem cell therapy is simply a regenerative process that focuses on moving stem cells from one part of the human body and moving the cells to a particular area of inflammation, injury or disease; the stem cells are focused to the part in need.

Stem cell therapy is quickly overcoming traditional medicine and viewed by many medical centers as the future of medical treatment. Below are some of the reasons why stem cell therapy is viewed as the future or medical treatment;

1. Overcoming Donor Shortages

Organ and tissue donation have been the order of the day. However, due to the increase in degenerative diseases, patients take longer to find a donor for their tissue or organ. Some of the organs and tissues that are transplanted are kidneys, heart, pancreas,lungs, etc. This has led to the death of many. With stem cell therapy, there will be no need to seek for donors. A good example is for a diabetic patient. The stem cell approach makes the patient’s own tissue to produce insulin cells without a transplant.

2.Reduced Medicine Cost

Some patients are prescribed for lifetime medicines to rely on all their life. This is actually very expensive especially to most patients primarily in third world countries where health insurance is not stable. With stem cell therapy, a patient such as a diabetes patient will cut the costs of buying medicine regularly to a one-time treatment. This is what many people want.No medical center wouldn’t want to use this cheaper option.

3.Reversal and Repair Diseases

Stem cell therapy has a great ability to reverse & repair diseases that are today being managed by the medical community. A good example is multiple sclerosis.Traditional medicine can only be used to decline the symptoms of the disease but not to reverse or stop them. The stem cell therapy approach is capable of reversing Multiple sclerosis.

These are some of the reasons why stem cell therapy is overtaking traditional medicine to be the future of medical treatment.

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