What’s the Best Way to Save on Auto Insurance?

What’s the Best Way to Save on Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a cost that many people wish they could reduce, but it is also a cost that is a necessity if you want to legally operate and own a vehicle. While you may think there is no way to lower the cost of your car insurance policy, there are actually a few ways you can save on your auto insurance Tulsa policy. Learn about ways to reduce your monthly premium and how you can practice safe driving to help keep those costs down.

Consider bundling your insurance with one company.

If you have car insurance, renter’s insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, and other policies all with other companies, it is highly likely that you are paying a higher rate for each separate policy. Instead of having multiple policies with different companies, it may be in your best interest to bundle your insurance. Many times, insurance companies will offer deals or a discount for bundling your coverage with them.

Keep a good and stable driving record.

Sometimes, auto insurance policies can increase because of a poor driving record or increased claims. If you want to keep your costs less, then practice safe driving. A good driver with a clean driving record may be able to negotiate a lower car insurance rate on premiums. Many companies also provide a good driver discount. Another tip is to try and keep a good credit report. Your insurance rate is also based on your credit score and report. If you have poor credit, then your rates could be much higher as the insurance company could consider you a risk driver in that regard. All insurance companies will run your social security number to determine your credit.

Any time you have a crash or collision that is your fault, that claim against your insurance policy may cause your premium to rise. Unfortunately, that can also happen if you are in a crash with an uninsured motorist because you will still more than likely have to make a claim on your insurance. Other marks against you, such as a speeding ticket, a DUI violation, or a recent DUI conviction, may also increase your insurance rate.

Examine the coverage you have now to see if you can reduce it.


In the state of Oklahoma, you are required to have at least liability coverage to operate a car legally. Some cars are required to carry collision coverage as well by the bank that holds your car title until it is fully paid off–once you finish paying off your car, you may want to consider downgrading to liability coverage if your monthly budget is a concern. Keep in mind, however, if you do reduce your coverage and you are in a crash, insurance will only cover what was your liability and nothing else. You may also be able to request a lower rate if you are a 25-year-old male or female, as auto insurance rates are sometimes higher for younger males and female drivers.

Obtain a free quote from another car insurance company.

Getting free quotes from other insurance companies is a good way to do a price comparison. Check with Tulsa auto insurance providers such as GEICO, State Farm, and others to compare your rates. A Tulsa insurance agent can also help you compare auto insurance rates to help you find the best deal. You might be able to find the best cheap car insurance in the area by going through this type of comparison and working with a friendly agent to determine what policy is best for you, whether you are looking to insure married drivers, a teen driver, or a young driver.

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