What is the Price of EOS?

What is the Price of EOS?

By now, cryptocurrencies aren’t really anything new. Most people have heard of things like Bitcoin, Tron, or Monero. They are essentially virtual currencies, though many of them have a social platform for content exchange, as well. They can be valuable investments, and there are many examples of great success stories involving investment in cryptocurrencies.

Some investors believe that cryptocurrencies are our future and that perhaps even soon they’ll be our only currency. This can be a bit hard to believe though, considering that no government has adopted them chiefly due to concerns of their potential use in criminal activity. They are currently unregulated, and it’s possible they won’t even be legal in the years to come. They are also a high risk investment because of their prices fluctuating more than any other commodity.

There’s no real way to tell which ones will succeed, so many investors buy some of each of them and wait to see. For those who brave the waters, there is no quicker way to compound wealth than cryptocurrency investment.

EOS information

EOS is one of the cryptocurrencies using a blockchain based operating system. A blockchain can be described simply as a ledger compiling records of cryptocurrency transactions. It is also a content platform for making decentralized apps. This strictly involves peer-to-peer interactions rather than relying on servers. Users are required to be token holders in order to view the platforms content, but they do not have to purchase more to use the platform. It is unknown what the acronym stands for, but many believe it to be Etherium Operating System.

EOS tokens can be purchased on most cryptocurrency platforms using other cryptocurrencies. Unlike some cryptocurrencies, EOS can also be purchased with fiat currencies. The price for this is typically much higher, however.

EOS price

The price of EOS has been on the rise. As of now, tokens are going for $5.53. That’s a 7.78% increase from the its price of $5.14 from October 29th. This is actually somewhat surprising, at least compared to other cryptocurrencies. After the surge in cryptocurrency prices in 2017, there has been a crash in cryptocurrencies across the board in 2018. This could be down to a multitude of reasons, but a big one is security. With the possibility of cyber thieves to make away with such large amounts of money, it can be difficult for potential investors to trust cryptocurrencies at this time. Negative press regarding the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can scare away investors, as well. In spite of this, EOS somehow manages to be doing better than most.

Web 3.0

It’s unclear how big of a role cryptocurrencies will play in the future. The future of the internet as a whole is anyone’s guess right now, though it’s undeniable that it’s evolving into something bigger. Just as broadband connections and social media upgraded us to the “Web 2.0,” we’re currently in a transitory period where the internet becomes something more ever-present. It’s connected to our phones, our cars, and even our kitchen appliances. If technology like Google glasses become widespread, it may literally be in front of us at all times. For better or worse, we are becoming ever more reliant on the internet, and every aspect of society is becoming more connected. Some dream of a completely decentralized internet that would give control of content flow to the users rather than big corporations. And in such a world, virtual currencies would be the only currencies. It sounds a little sci-fi, but the truth is blockchain technology is the means to accomplish this vision, and it’s already here.

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