What Is Roof Restoration?

What Is Roof Restoration?

Is your roof showing signs of damage? It’s not surprising for these structures to deteriorate over time, given the harmful effect of storms, high winds, and falling debris. Common issues include structural damage, mold, mildew, damaged insulation, leaks, rotting wood, etc.

Nevertheless, a roof restoration can increase the lifespan of your rooftop for at least a decade. It starts with an inspection and cleaning, followed by ridge capping, bedding replacement, and application of protective coating.

The information below will introduce you to the secrets of roof restoration.

Signs your roof needs restoration

Roofing materials tend to deteriorate over time, showing the first signs of aging. The process of restoration involves cleaning, making the necessary repairs, and replacing the damaged shingles/tiles with new ones. The first indicator your roof must be restored to its previous condition is the appearance of leaks.

These leaks might not be obvious in the eyes of homeowners for a while until the first symptoms of dampness start spreading through the house. For instance, the presence of rot and mold spores on the ceiling undoubtedly suggests a leak. Visit this page to see some practical tips for fighting wood rot.

Sagging is another sign of damage done to roofing materials, referring to a problem with the rafters. If you notice a sagging area on your rooftop, it’s high time to contact professional roofers. Also, deteriorated roof valleys require immediate repair. In such scenarios, the materials nearby the vents, chimney, and pipes become loose or worn down.

Moreover, corrosion is another unmistakable sign your roof requires restoration. Once the water starts collecting nearby the fasteners and fittings, the first symptoms of rust appear. Usually, rust is accompanied by rotting timber and blistering paint. As mentioned before, mold is a clear indicator of moisture damage.

While algae and moss appear on rooftops in shady areas, these aren’t harmful to these structures. Homeowners dwelling in damp climates often notice symptoms of algae and moss development on their roof, especially if they aren’t exposed to the sun. Unlike mold, moss and algae don’t necessarily indicate damage or harm to the health of residents.

In contrast, mold is neither aesthetically pleasing nor harmful to the health of household members. It manifests with blotches in brown, black, and dark green color, as well as a foul smell. Additionally, shingles and tiles, which are broken, curled, or damaged, have to be replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. The presence of granules in the gutter and on the property suggests shingle damage.

Furthermore, when the cement flashing looks broken or cracked, it should be replaced with a new flashing, possibly made of metal. Metal flashings are believed to prevent leaks and postpone the necessity for restoration. Also, homeowners need to keep an eye on the look and appearance of gutters and downpipes, looking for signs of rust. Go to this webpage, https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/hints-for-fixing-roof-and-gutter-issues/, to check out twenty-five hints for fixing gutter issues.

How much does it cost?

The cost of roof restoration depends on numerous factors. The condition of your existing roof has a tremendous effect on the overall price of the project, referring to the number of broken tiles requiring replacement, the state of the ridge capping, the condition of the bedding, etc. Peeling paint increases the cost of these projects, as roofers would have to remove the peeling paint and apply new paint to the tiles, inch by inch.

The products used in the project largely influence the overall cost of the restoration. Low-cost products decrease the cost, but the results aren’t likely to meet the expectations of homeowners. The number of broken tiles affects the restoration cost as well, given the price of a single tile ranges between $3 and $7.

Bedding is likely to increase the project cost significantly, but rebidding is not always required. If the ridges don’t have to be restored, the price will be lower. Nevertheless, if all ridges need restoration, the project will drastically increase in price. The size of the roof is also considered in the calculations. The larger the size, the costlier the project.

What are the benefits?

Homes stand to gain from roof restoration not just aesthetically but also in terms of safety. There are various roofing and storm damage restoration companies, such as Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration, working on all kinds of roofs. Deteriorated roofs are prone to damage done by harsh weather and debris, resulting in leaks.

Nevertheless, by replacing the tiles and restoring the ridges, the structures are restored back to their previous state. Roofers use protective sealants to cover the rooftops to prevent damage in the years to come. If roofs aren’t sealed properly, outdoor air enters the house, while indoor air escapes your home.

Consequently, the energy efficiency of your home will decrease. The only way to compensate for the heat you’ll be losing is by cranking up the heat. Anyhow, once your roof undergoes restoration, air will no longer escape the house. Your energy bills will also be restored to normal.

Additionally, the life of your roof will be increased for as much as a decade. If you decide to sell your home in the near future, this type of restoration will increase the value of your house and improve your chances of selling it.

How long does a restoration take to complete?

The process of restoration depends on the amount of work that has to be done to the roof. The average project time ranges between two and four days. The more repairs and tile replacements roofers need to perform, the longer the restoration.

Many homeowners wonder whether they have to leave their homes during the project. The ultimate decision is in the hands of household residents. Some homeowners decide to stay and withstand the noise. Others prefer to leave their houses for several days until the job is completed.


Noticing the first signs of rooftop damage should encourage homeowners to hire restoration professionals.

Roofers will do wonders for its condition!

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