What Are the Common Toilet Plumbing Problems and How to Do Away with Them?

What Are the Common Toilet Plumbing Problems and How to Do Away with Them?

A clogged toilet can cause a lot of inconveniences. The toilet is one area which requires constant care and upkeep. Any problem in the toilet can lead to costly repairs or messy clean ups. There are various toilet plumbing issues that may affect your toilet. If nothing is done to repair the toilet or fix the problem, very soon you will have to incur costly repairs. While most problems may be fixed by the homeowner or office owner, there are some toilet plumbing problems that must be left to the professionals.

Toilet Plumbing
Toilet Plumbing

To avoid toilet plumbing problems, a homeowner can take up preventative care measures. The porcelain throne needs to be inspected from time to time. Similarly, the inner components of the tank have to be inspected properly. If all the components work properly in the tank, it will fill and drain water quite efficiently. Check the components for corrosion or rust. There are some basic issues you need to watch out for. Hire a professional for toilet plumbing repair and restoration.

Follow this section closely to learn about the issues relating to toilet plumbing.

#1. Do You Hear Trickling Sound in The Toilet Constantly?

If you can hear water trickling in the toilet, there is some problem. You may hear the toilet bowl filling the water even when no one uses it. This is a pretty common issue and is termed as ‘phantom flush’. When something like this happens, it implies that the refill mechanism of the toilet is turning on and off automatically. It may happen that the flapper is worn out and needs replacement. A professional plumber can deliver quality services and either repair or replace the flapper during toilet plumbing.

#2. Water is Trickling into The Water Tank

If you can hear a strange noise coming from the toilet water tank, it implies the faulty assembly of the inlet tube, valve and can be the consequence of faulty float. Things must be examined or inspected by a professional plumber. The hissing sound is all due to the water making its way all through tank inlet. The float must be positioned correctly.

#3. The Problem of Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet drain is a bane for almost every homeowner. When it comes to maintaining the toilet unit, the clogged toilet drain is the common issue one faces. There are various tools available for clearing the blockage.

Toilet Plumbing
Toilet Plumbing

Well, the experience of clearing the toilet is unpleasant. You must find a professional plumber to do away with the problem. He will also suggest ways to avoid such problems in the near future. But, if the clog is just a minor one, you may use a toilet plunger. Place its bulb into the drain and just pump out. The toilet will be free of a clog. If the clog is severe and the plunger is not able to free the clog, call a professional plumber for help.

#4. The Task is Not Exciting

Toilet plumbing is not an exciting task and needs professional intervention. To avoid toilet problem, you should never flush any object down your toilet. Wipes, tissue papers and toys must never be flushed down the toilet. It is not easy to repair toilet problems all by yourself and so you must call a professional for help. The most unenviable task is unclogging the toilet. You must take preventative measures to avoid toilet issues. You will need a variety of tools to unclog the toilet. A professional will come with all of them.

Avoid using a chemical drain cleaner if you notice clogged drains. Even if the wipes are flushable, do not flush them. If the toilet is leaking, do something about it immediately.

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