Value your digital assets with Flippa valuation tool

Value your digital assets with Flippa valuation tool

We are living in the age of digitalization. There is a boom in the number of digital businesses all over the world. More and more people are opting for businesses and trading online.

Flippa is a marketplace that enables an individual to buy sell online businesses and digital assets. The platform began its journey in 2009. The online business owners meet with the sellers for trading their assets, SaaS companies, blogs, social media accounts, mobile apps, newsletters, and different other online businesses.

With this platform, entrepreneurs, hackers, small business owners, and side hustlers can trade and sell their digital assets. The company since its inception has sold 300, 231 assets globally. It has more than 3, 000, 000 users all over the world. Flippa is based in Austin and Melbourne but has now opened branches in New Zealand and Jamaica.

Why use the Flippa valuation tool?

  • It is a free tool, and hence the business owner does not have any amount for the valuation process. It can be used multiple times by the user.
  • The Flippa valuation tool helps in providing an accurate estimate of the price of the digital business. If the details provided are correct, then the valuation will also be perfect.
  • Flippa checks the details of a business owner with the multiple inputs that they have about other businesses sold on their platform. Then they can look at the business type, model, age, and other relevant factors to come up with the validation. It helps in getting the best pricing for the business.

How to use the Flippa valuation tool?

For using the Flippa valuation tool, there are a few steps that a user needs to follow. They are:

  • For selling any digital business or getting the valuation, create an account on Flippa. The sign-up process is simple and quick. After creating the account, you can list the online business that you want to sell. With this account, one can keep track of the selling procedure, communicate with the buyers and even finish a transaction.
  • The registered sellers and buyers need to complete their ID verification process. It enables making Flippa a safe marketplace for both communities. After logging in to the account, one can go to the My Profile link and complete it. If you do not complete it now, you will have to do it during a transaction.
  • The platform charges a one-time listing fee from the users. One can use the free Flippa valuation tool to understand the worth of their business. It will help the user to ask the best price for their asset.
  • The listing for the sale of assets can be completed in two ways-auction and fixed-price.
  • After this, the buyer enquires, and if it suits the seller, the transaction process begins.


Digital businesses of any size and in any industry can benefit much by using the Flippa valuation tool. They can understand the net worth of the business and accordingly set the price for the sale of the assets.


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