Use The Best And Innovative Smart Phone HTC One M10 With Effective Features

HTC One M9   is one of the prettiest Smartphone in the series of HTC One. Early they have launched lots of smart phone in this series like HTC one M7, M8, M9 and their new launch is getting ready that is HTC One M10. Already the existing version HTC one M9 is more powerful but it creates some disappointment among the users that it has a middling camera, low battery and familiar features and design. There are lots of competitor are existing now like Samsung, Apple and LG and many more. So it is the responsibility of the HTC Company for improving lots of things before launching their new smart phone HTC One M10. The company has already launched some versions in One M so they work hard in developing the new Smartphone HTC One M10   with advanced features and specifications.

Rumors about launching date and some specifications of HTC One M10:

The HTC is one of the best brands in the world of smart phone and now it is becoming more famous after they release the  HTC One M7. The company put their complete effort and they begin their journey for launching their new series, HTC One M7 and now it is continuing  to HTC One M10.The company did not say about the release date of HTC One M10, but it can be expected just by considering the released date of previous versions. In the year 2013, March HTC One / One M7 were released. In 2014, March  HTC One M8 was released. In 2015, March HTC One M9 was released.So it is expected that HTC One M10 will be released on March 2016.  The HTC One M10 display is designed beautifully and it is  expected that it may have the resolution of 2K. HTC work hard for bringing the perfect and attractive display which will more be effective compare to HTC One M9. Also,people expect that it will have full  High Definition Display.There may be some chances are there for expecting a resolution of 4Kdisplay, but it is better not to expect.The display is expected to be with 5 Inches or 5.5 inches.

Special features of HTC One M10:

At present most of the smart phone users are struggling with the low powered battery and in the previous version of HTC One M9 most of the people have struggled with low battery. So company concentrates more on the battery in their new version HTC One M10. The battery is expected to have 3500 mAh, which will be longevity and durability. It has been expected that it will be best ever Smartphone with high capabilities for solving the big issues of battery. It has the dual SIM facility so that user can make use of two different networks in this HTC One M10Smartphone.The Smartphone has two comers’ rear and front which will take the best selfies. The company introduces lots of innovative things in their new version HTC One M10.

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