Cooking Tips: How to Use a Bamboo Steamer

Cooking Tips: How to Use a Bamboo Steamer

A bamboo steamer is one of the favorite and extensively used kitchen tools so far. If you want to cook and enjoy the taste of perfectly cooked dumplings, then you need to know how to use a bamboo steamer basket.

To begin with, a bamboo steamer can be used to steam and cook vegetables, meat as well as all kinds of seafood. Let us check out the guide details now:

Step 1: Fill your steamer and place lettuce or cabbage leaves on the steamer bottom section

Most importantly, you need to fill up your bamboo steamer. Make sure that you do not overcrowd it.

Firstly, you have to line up the bottom section of your steamer with some cabbage or lettuce leaves. In this way, the food which you want to steam is not going to stick up.

Most noteworthy, you are free to add banana leaves or corn husks or any sort of grape leaves. These ingredients will add a more and enriching flavor to your cooked meal content.

Just lay down your food on the top section of the leaves. Make a single layer only. Lastly, avoid jamming the food content in your bamboo steamer.

Step 2: Preheat water or broth on medium heat settings

The second step is to preheat the water or broth. You need to fill up the pot with two inches of water or it can be broth as well. In addition, the bottom section of the steamer basket should be above the liquid.

It is on the medium heat settings that you have to perform this preheating job. Besides, bring down the un-covered liquid to a point until and unless it starts to simmer. Avoid giving a full boiling job to your water or broth.

Step 3: Place the lid on the steamer and get your food steamed

The final part is to place the lid on your bamboo steamer and get your delicious food to be steamed up. As soon as you see that the water is reaching the simmering point, then you have to place the steamer lid on your bamboo steamer.

Furthermore, you will notice that the leaves of your “liner steamer zone” are going to start to wilt as soon as possible.

It is after a few of the minute’s time frame that your food shall be going to get steamy all inside the steamer. However, let your food to steam up properly and allow it to get cooked thoroughly.

Step 4: Remove food from the steamer by using tongs

Lastly, use a spoon or you can make use of tongs in order to remove food from the bamboo steamer. Besides, if you think that the liquid is running low in the steamer, then you can lift the steamer and feel free to add more liquid.

Foods Which You Can Cook in a Bamboo Steamer

Want to know the best part of a bamboo steamer? it is that you can cook dumplings, meat, seafood, any kind of poultry or vegetables in it. For cooking dumplings, you need to steam them for about 15 to 20 minutes.

And then you can serve that dish with dipping sauces. Also, steaming the meat is going to keep it extremely moist as well. Make sure to make cuts on your meat before you place them in a bamboo steamer.

Most probably, people love to steam seafood in these kinds of bamboo steamers. For steaming a shrimp, make sure that it turns pinkish completely.

Steaming vegetables is another favorite hobby of most of the people. No doubt steaming keeps all the nutrients of your vegetables intact. Their texture manages to turn tender-yet-crisp at the same time.


So, what’s the bottom line? Using a bamboo steamer is extremely easy. This is a seamless job to do.

Do let us know if you have ever used such a kind of steamer basket. Moreover, share with us what you like to steam or cook in these steamers.

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