Upgrades to the Backyard that Promise to Increase Your Home’s Value

Upgrades to the Backyard that Promise to Increase Your Home’s Value

If your home is going to go up for sale in the foreseeable future, then you are probably actively trying to raise its value. Adding a room over the garage or installing a new kitchen hood seems like the obvious things to do but you increase the property’s value by upgrading the backyard as well.

You can never go wrong with greenery

The prices of vacation homes and detached houses, in general, have soared amidst the coronavirus pandemic. More and more people want their own piece of land where they will be free to do whatever they like.

In order to enjoy the outdoors, the backyard needs to have plenty of greenery. It’s never too late to start planting if your backyard is barren right now. Whether it’s a tree, a hedge, a lawn, or flower beds, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the foliage is healthily green.

The atmosphere after dark

Real estate agents make it customary to show houses before dark but it would be good if they could bring potential buyers just before sundown. This way, they will be able to witness a light show in your backyard after dark.

Namely, the backyard should be equipped with ambient lights throughout the property. If you are an eco-conscious person, then you can install solar-powered lights along the pathways. For the ultimate light-show feeling, hang red lanterns from trees.

A private retreat

Another thing that prospective buyers know to appreciate is privacy. Namely, if the yard is exposed to views from passersby and neighbors, then they might back down at the last moment. Luckily, it’s easy to create a private retreat without ere ting a two-meter high fence.

As part of the effort to beautify your fence, you can build/plant a green barrier. In most cases, a green barrier is made from a picket fence as support and a hedge. The latter will raise the privacy level inside the yard to a sufficient level and it will filter out minute dust particles.

A pleasant shade

The number of the aforementioned trees you can plant is going to be conditioned by the backyard’s topography. Namely, the root system is going to present an obstacle, so you might want to think of an alternative shade.

Luckily, there are plenty of shade structures suitable for the backyard, from cantilever structures to patios. Such structures are ideal for summertime when you want to spend time outside but direct exposure to sunlight presents a health risk.

A playground is a nice addition to the backyard

When was the last time your kids asked you to take them to the park but you were too tired? Well, you can bring the park close to home if you create a mini-playground in the back. This is easier and cheaper than you think, as a sandbox and a swing will suffice.

However, when potential buyers (who preferably have kids) see that there is a playground in the backyard, they will instantly be drawn to the property. To spice things up, you could throw in a portable slide for small children that “you are going to leave behind.”

Water features of all sorts

The backyard is the ideal setting for a water feature. You are probably thinking of a swimming pool and if you have enough funds, why not build one! If you wish to be frugal, then a splash pad or a fountain will suit just fine.

Another great water feature is koi pond filters. Japanese Zen gardens, for example, are impossible to imagine without a Koi fish pond that is usually small in surface size and thus ideal for a suburban backyard.

A fire pit as a sign of luxury

We can agree that not all yards have a fire pit. In fact, only luxurious estates feature a fire pit. On the other side, building a fire pit yourself is both cheap and easy, so why not pile up a couple of rocks in the backyard to build an open hearth.

Don’t say anything about the fire pit when buyers come over and let them notice them spontaneously. This way, they will think that the asking price is a bargain if the backyard comes with a fire pit ready for use.

Instead of just freeing the backyard from junk, you should make a continuous effort to spruce it up. The 7 amenities listed above should be enough to increase your home’s value without overspending.

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