Types of Grilling Gloves and How to Choose the BEST ONE? 

Types of Grilling Gloves and How to Choose the BEST ONE? 

If you are a BBQ fan, then you know how important it is to have BBQ gloves as part of their arsenal.

So, whether it be adjusting your logs into the flame or stirring the coals, or anything else that requires you to deal with Fire, Your Grill Gloves have you covered.

 However, as it happens, there are different types of BBQ gloves available. Although Essentially all of them offer the same functionality, they differ from each other in some way!

Now, if you are looking to buy the best type of grilling gloves, it is standard practice to go for the best option available, right?

If you want to choose the best option that is available for you, then hopefully this article will make you focus on the right thing!

Types of The Best Grilling Gloves:

Grilling Gloves

Mainly, there are four different kinds of Grilling Gloves available.

Now, each type of gloves listed above is made from different materials. Having said that, they have their weaknesses and strengths!

Let’s talk about Silicone Grilling Gloves. As it happens, Silicon Gloves happen to be a great choice for handling food directly.

This is because they are usually non-stick and they also happen to be very simple to clean. Moreover, they are also fully totally food safe.

Apart from Silicone, there are leather grilling gloves as well. Leather gloves happen to be a great choice when it comes to handling BBQ items such as Coal, Grilling parts, or handling hot logs.

However, none of these is a great choice when it comes to dealing with Kitchen Utensils. It includes Knives.

The reason behind their poor handling of kitchen utensils is simple. They are too bulky. Since they are bulky, it becomes incredibly hard for the users to carry them.

Having said that, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is a lot more to know about them, not to mention that we haven’t even discussed the other two types.

If you want to know about them in detail, then read on further!

1. Silicone Gloves:

Silicone happens to be a material that resembles rubber in appearance. It has a lot of uses in various industries and it can be found in everything. From Bathrooms to computers, you name it.

However, considering the thickness and density of the material, Silicone can also be fire-resistant as well. Silicone happens to be highly malleable.

In lots of cases, it is also totally waterproof too.

And here is the best thing about Grilling gloves made from silicone. These kinds of gloves can be wiped clean. The users also can place them in the dishwasher if they want to.

If you want to use Gloves at a BBQ or use it for normal things like taking out Boiled eggs from the pot, then silicone would serve you right.

However, Silicone Gloves usually fit too loose around the wrist.

Due to this loose fitness, the radiant heat from the cooking can break inside the gloves. Due to this possibility, the whole purpose for which you wanted the glove dies in the first place.

Moreover, if we talk generally, Silicone Gloves can be very heavy too. Since they are bulky, it makes it difficult to complete tasks that require utter precision.

This can include using the thermometer while you have your gloves on. Due to this factor, it becomes very difficult to maintain a firm grasp over anything.

From Grabbing Ribs, Briskets, or any other kind of meat, if you cannot balance these gloves, then you could end up affecting hours of hard work.

2. Woven Fabric:

Woven Fabric

Woven Grilling gloves are usually made from Aramid Fibres. These kinds of fibers happen to be a class of heat resistance.

Woven Fabric gloves get designed from synthetic Fibre. It is used to make products that are used in Firefighting, The aerospace industry, or various military applications.

They are also used in body armor and are also a substitute for elements such as Kevlar.

There are two characteristics of Para & Meta. Each of them has its share of weaknesses and strengths.

Moreover, as far as dealing with Heat resistance is concerned, we suggest you go with Woven Fabric. They can resist high levels of heat and their tolerance goes up to a non-existent melting point.

Have you noticed something about firefighters? They never enter burning buildings while wearing suits made from silicone.

They use Aramid Fibres because they resistant fire to a very high degree.

3. Treated Leather:

As it happens, Leather Gloves happen to be the oldest kind of BBQ gloves available on the market.

Given that they have stuck around for a while, Leather Gloves happen to be one of the most versatile options available.

When it comes to handling hot parts of the grill, moving hot pans, or handling any tools, Treated Leather gloves are a great choice that.

They are very thick and thanks to that thickness, they can offer protection for the hands of the user.

4. Synthetic Grilling Gloves:

Synthetic Grilling Gloves

Synthetic Grilling gloves are usually made from Rubber or silicone combined with an exterior line of fabric. 

While Synthetic gloves are not good at insulating hands like leather gloves, they are lightweight. Since they are lightweight, handling tongs as utensils becomes considerably easier.

You might as well be able to handle food directly.

They will offer users the same feel as compared to a pair of dish gloves. However, they are much thicker and they are made from some good quality materials.

They also happen to be very easy to clean, considering their exterior part is usually made from rubber.

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Here goes our article on the best types of grilling gloves available on the market. At this point, we are hopeful that you know what sets each of them apart. 

With that being said, we are also hoping that you know now everything there is to know when it comes to choosing the best type of Grilling gloves for you.

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