Top Five Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping Compared to Car Painting

Top Five Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping Compared to Car Painting

Car lovers take care of their vehicles the best way they can. They invest in materials to ensure the proper protection of their car’s paint. Most car owners want to make their rides look fresh and brand new all the time. Thus, some resort to car wrapping to maintain their baby’s stunning look and protect them at the same time. Vinyl wrap is one of the paint protection methods you can use for your car.

What is Car Wrap?

Wrapping is a process wherein a vinyl material is put on your car’s body to protect its paint and provide a new design or look. It can be applied to the whole vehicle or in selected areas only. Vinyl is a thin film material that can serve as protection against scratches from small rocks and available in different types of vehicle finish. Think of it like a coat that protects you against strong wind and coldness, while choosing the right design can also make you look fashionable. Car wraps thus have the following advantages.

Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping Over Car Painting

1. Quick to Apply and Remove

Painting a car takes days and even weeks to finish, depending on the kind of paint used. Old car paint needs to be first removed before a new color can be applied. And if it needs more than a single coat of paint, you will need to wait for the initial coat to dry before applying another layer of paint. On the contrary, vinyl wrapping takes much less waiting time. Car wrap professionals will just have to wash the car’s exterior before applying the vinyl. After that, they will use heat to activate the vinyl’s adhesive. The whole wrapping process will not take more than three days to complete.

Finally, if you do not want the look or style of the wrap anymore, you can have it removed easily without damaging the original paint of the car. So you can always quickly go back to the original color of your ride at any time.

2. Easy Customization

To achieve a customized look is much easier if you use a vinyl wrap than repainting your car. You can choose from the following various designs:

  •         Glossy appearance
  •         Matte or gradient colors
  •         Clear finish
  •         Chrome metallic color
  •         Gradient
  •         Full-on graphics

You can also easily change layout and colors since the vinyl wrap can be easily removed without affecting the paint underneath. These vinyl features give you limitless choices on how you want your car exterior to look.

3. Cost-Effective

You can indeed have your car repainted at a meager price. But, you cannot be sure about its quality. Low-quality paint usually does not last long; thus, you will need a repaint within a short period. The same goes for vinyl wraps. The cheap car wraps may not be as durable as the more popular brands that cost more. But generally, the price of a quality paint job is almost comparable with having a vinyl wrap. However, you will be spending less on the maintenance of a vehicle wrap. It means that you will need to purchase less car shampoo and wax or pay for such services.

4. Durable

Although high-end car paints can last a lifetime if appropriately applied, low-end ones can only last for a couple of years. Car paints can be damaged easily by dirt, UV rays, scratches, and other hazardous elements. But with a car wrap, you can expect that it will last for about ten years, depending on the location and weather condition of your car park. However, the vinyl wrap gives more durable protection to your vehicle against environmental hazards compared to paints.

5. Easy to Maintain

Painted cars need a lot of maintenance, from regular washing to waxing to retain its shine. Regularly doing these things will help protect the car paint from any damage and scratches. However, with the vinyl wrap, you will spend less time washing and waxing your vehicle. If the vinyl surface gets dirty, you can merely wipe it with a wet cloth. If ever you forget to wipe clean dust on your car, there is no need to worry. The dirt will not cause damage to the wrap or paint of your vehicle.


A car wrap is your best option if you want a versatile and easy to install and remove design on your car. Aside from adding aesthetic beauty to your vehicle, the vinyl wrap is a durable added protection against destructive materials. It will cover your vehicle without destroying the original shine and beauty of the original car paint underneath. Thus, the wrap is a better choice to maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Always keep in mind that a car vinyl wrap is an investment that needs a smart choice. Therefore, it is best to leave this process to be done by professionals for the best results.


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