Top 10 reasons to choose reclaimed timber

Top 10 reasons to choose reclaimed timber

Wood has become the most promising and loved construction material for the present generation and is expected to stay for a long time. People are willing to choose wood in any form, reclaimed, recycled, are pure natural hardwood. Wooden flooring and recycled timber decking is a part of maximum establishments these days. While other forms of wood are still popular, reclaimed timber is seeing the maximum acceptance and love of the people. People love nature and like to have natural wooden constructions in their properties. However, the same nature love refrains them from buying this material as this indicates the cutting of numerous trees. In this time, reclaimed timber is a brilliant substitute. Here are some reasons which compel you to go for the reclaimed wood for your construction and even for furniture.

  • Love for the environment

Reclaimed wood is an excellent way of keeping the countryside form depleting. It addresses the demand of wood without harming the newly-harvested virgin wood. It keeps forestation alive and contributes to saving the environment.

  • Giving life to old wood

Many people are interested in reusing material. If you are also among them, reclaimed timber is a perfect choice for you. It gives you a chance to give a new life to an old piece of wood. It is an opportunity to add your artistry to an old creative piece.

  • Passion for preserving the history

Most of the people are proud of their rich history. You can trace the history of a piece of wood back to many generations. You can also get wood from revered factories which offer material form a historic barn or bridge. This is a gleaming opportunity to get associated with history.

  • Reclaimed timber has an unusual character

Reclaimed timber offers ageless beauty and distinction. It possesses a unique and unmatched architectural aesthetics. Every reclaimed wood is different. It has a character of its own. The age brings more allure and depth to its color and appearance.

  • You don’t want to buy old-growth wood

The term old-growth is used for the trees which have grown full in a slow-growth environment. These are the strongest and largest trees as they have taken many decades to grow. The forests of old-growth trees are quite diverse and are protected. You can buy reclaimed wood instead of old-growth wood.

  • Durable and strong lumber

In the early days, only the strong and durable wood was used for construction. For that reason, reclaimed wood is one of the most durable lumbers in the market. You can get a perfect combination of elegance and longevity.

  • Reclaimed is the most stable wood

Reclaimed wood is seasoned. It has experienced many changes due to exposure to humidity and prolonged usage. This makes it dimensionally the more stable wood than the newly harvested wood.

  • Provide wider wooden planks

The durability, strength, and stability of reclaimed wood make it ideal for wider planks. If you want to use broad planks instead of smaller multiple planks, reclaimed wood suits your requirements the best.

  • Re-purposing rare and exotic wood

Using new exotic woods is not acceptable. However, you can still use exotic reclaimed wood without any guilt. Also, this rare wood would add more value to your property.

  • Satiate your love for originality

Most of the items you buy these days are produced in mass manufacturing factories. This makes it difficult to find a unique and original wooden piece. Reclaimed timber, on the other hand, is unique and completely original.

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