Tips on Pool Covers

Tips on Pool Covers

Swimming pool, another word for relaxation and recreation. Who doesn’t love to relax in swimming pools with awesome weather and cold beverages in your hand? If you are a swimming pool lover then you have come to the right place. All of this is fun until it’s time to clean the pool. It’s one of the hectic and most tedious works of all. Luckily, you can purchase Remco Pool Covers in Australia online. In this article, some essential tips for pool covers are mentioned below.

  • Temperature increase:

It is seen that in some cases there is an increase in temperature up to 4 degrees. You get more benefit if your pool gets direct sunlight, which will reduce the use of electric Heaters and Gas. Using pool covers will retain the temperature as well as keep it moderate. This can save energy as well as Money.

  • Evaporation reduced:

You know this from a young age, and yes it is a continuous surface phenomenon. So, if your pool is not covered, every second you lose the water. What if the water level drops below the height of skimmers due to evaporation and your pump inhales air, it can permanently damage your motor. It can be stopped by using pool covers. With a pool cover, you waste less drinkable water.

  • Less Flow Blockage:

The garbage containing dead leaves, insects and some other rubbish when end up in a skimmer basket can cause blockage inflow, if left unattended. Flow blockage can reduce the efficiency of Filter and Chlorinator which will result in poorer quality of water and the pool will be prone to green pool events due to bacterial reactions. They can also create extra load on pumps which can result in equipment failure.

  • Chlorine Consumption:

If your pool is covered with pool covers then there are fewer chances of water getting dirty. Also, maintenance will become low. But most importantly, you don’t have to use chlorine frequently to keep the pool water hygienic and fresh. So the chlorine consumption is lessened. Meaning you can say goodbye to red eyes and skin rashes and the extra unnecessary tanning.

  • Low Maintenance:

Swimming Pool covers come in two types, that is, Automatic and Manual. If you can afford the Automatic Pool cover then you can operate it with just the touch of your fingers. But, if you can’t afford an automatic one, a Manual one too is quite easy to use. You just have to brush, broom or vacuum the surface of pool covers to clean them. Which is quite easier than cleaning the pool from the garbage.

  • Colours:

They are usually blue, green or white. But, if you purchase the rigid pool cover then you get more colour options available.

  • Cleaning:

Regularly remove dead leaves, shrubs and other debris. Pool covers require cleaning one a few months so that it’s life can be prolonged. Using a roller for pool cover can make adding and removing the pool cover much easier. Don’t forget to clear the motor box. After adding chemicals to the pool, leave the covers off for a few hours.

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