Tips on How to Save Money on Expensive Funeral Costs

When our loved one dies there is so much to take in and process emotionally. Death, even though an expected end to a life, is always a shock for the people who loved that deceased. We all know that in our minds – people we love should always stay with us. Unfortunately, an eternity on Earth isn’t an option and when faced with the death of our beloved, we want to give our goodbyes in line with the life this person lived and pay our utmost respect.

For members of the family, death of our beloved is more than saying goodbye. There is a lot of organizing, preparing and detailing. And, it all costs a lot! We’ve put together a list of things that may help you save at least some money on expensive funeral costs but still keep things classy and dignified.

The first instance is to decide whether you will be getting a casket or option for cremation.

Following the deceased wishes, there are commonly two options what to do with the body – there is funeral and cremation. Funeral means buying the casket, paying for the priest and the parcel/grave while cremation comes down to buying an urn and paying for the cremation.

If you are on a thin budget and the deceased wanted a funeral, don’t opt for cremation. It’s disrespectful towards his/her wishes.

Choosing a casket

Aware how difficult this moment is in your life, funeral homes will try to sell the most expensive options, counting on you grieving and not having time to stop and think about your budget.

Decline the types of caskets that sound “comfy”. For instance, a “protective” casket is something you will want to burry your loved one in because it sounds it would protect the body for a long time, once it’s in the ground. However,  no matter how protective they are, they could raise the price of a casket by $800 which is not something you want to go into. Further, a “sealed” casket isn’t a necessity either. Body’s natural  decomposition is normal, and you don’t need to “protect” your loved one from it. Plus, it doesn’t actually preserve the body.

Always look at your options and don’t rush into buying a casket from the first funeral home you see. For instance, funerals Sydney have a range of options you can explore. Since this is the time of grief for you, ask a dear friend/relative you trust to explore the options and come to you with solutions. It will help so much!

Direct cremation

If you are going with cremation, there is no need to buy a casket. You can opt for an inexpensive unfinished wood box, especially if this funeral won’t be having showing of the body. An alternative container, like pressboard, cardboard or canvas is also an option. Even though it sounds disrespectful it actually isn’t at all and is very practical.

Buy a casket or urn elsewhere

As for the prices of urns, they usually range from $155 to $5,600. However, you can also browse online and find great offers, with shipping included.

It is understandable that you will be upset and heartbroken but try to keep things together by carefully planning and exploring your options.

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