Things to do When Relocating to a New Home

Things to do When Relocating to a New Home

Moving to a new place can be an exciting experience, but it can also bring about some challenges. Sometimes the transition is easy because you’ve already visited the area and know what to expect. Other times it’s more difficult because there are so many unknowns that need to be tackled. No matter what your situation, here are major things you’ll want to do when relocating:

Find out if your company has any Relocation Assistance Available for Employees.

You may have heard of this program before, but if not it can be beneficial to learn more. The company will likely offer some type of financial assistance when relocating employees or their families for a job transfer. This help could include reimbursement on travel costs, temporary living expenses, and even home purchases. It’s important to note that these programs are usually only available within the United States due to government restrictions on international transfers. Ways you can get reimbursed after your move:

  • Airfare (plus taxes)
  • Hotel Accommodations while waiting for housing –
  • Car rental fees while looking for new transportation options
  • Temporary Lodging Expenses during the transition time between old location & a new one

Some companies also provide moving allowances in addition to reimbursement programs. This is another form of financial assistance that could be available to you.

Get all of your Utilities Set Up Before Moving Day

If you’re moving to a new area, it’s best to arrange for all of your utilities before you take possession of the home or apartment. If possible, try scheduling everything as soon as possible so that you don’t have any disruptions from one location to another.

It is also important to check if there are additional deposits required by providers to establish service with them. Some companies may require this upfront and will only refund the deposit when their services end at no charge or they can be re-used elsewhere. This option varies depending upon company policy but could serve as an added convenience if available.

Pack Everything in Boxes Labeled with their Contents

If you’re doing the packing yourself, it’s good to take some time and label everything with its contents. This will save a lot of time when unpacking at your new home or apartment because all you’ll have to do is follow the labels. Although this may not be possible for everyone due to individual preferences, if you are able try labeling as much as possible before moving day arrives.

  • Pack clothing in clear plastic bags labeled by a family member
  • Label boxes of kitchenware including spices & food items

Ways You Can Label Your Items:

  • Write on Boxes With Permanent Markers
  • Use Printed Address Labels Available Online/Printed from Home Printer

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Although this may seem like an added expense on top of everything else, hire a licensed moving company can save you time and money. Instead of having to do all the heavy lifting yourself or hire additional people for help, these companies come fully equipped with the tools and manpower necessary to get your household items moved safely and efficiently.

Hiring movers is especially beneficial if:

  • You have several large pieces that need special equipment such as furniture dollies or ramps
  • You’re concerned about protecting fragile belongings from damage during the move
  • You don’t want to deal with renting trucks & trailers on your own
  • Your home doesn’t contain enough room for boxes/items in storage until new place is ready – It’s just more practical than attempting it by yourself

Get rid of Things You Don’t Need or Want to Take with you

We all accumulate items over time and it can be easy to lose track of their overall value. When moving, try selling or donating as much as you possibly can before the big day arrives regardless if they’re large or small in size. This will make everything a lot easier for yourself because there’s no need to pack items that aren’t needed anymore. It’ll also save additional money on your end since you won’t have to pay movers for those bulky pieces anyway.

Even though this might take some effort, keeping things organized is worth it when it comes down to packing up at home and filling boxes with other essentials once deemed ‘unwanted’. So start cleaning out those closets now so that looks shiny & new by the

Clean the house and get it ready for New Occupants.

If you’re moving out of an existing home or apartment, it’s important to clean everything thoroughly before leaving. This way your new houseguest will feel comfortable once they arrive and won’t have to worry about dirty carpets, smudged windows, etc. There are many articles online that talk more in-depth on the best ways to do this so just search one up if interested!

Make sure you have a copy of all important documents (i.e., birth certificate, social security card) in case they are lost during the move.

It’s always best to keep all important documents in a safe place. If at any point the originals are lost it will be easier and faster for you to acquire replacements instead of trying to track them down by yourself. These items include:

  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Social security card(s)
  • Medical records (i.e., prescriptions, vaccination information, etc.)  – Legal papers such as marriage license & divorce decree

Just remember that these should only be accessible when necessary because they contain sensitive personal data about yourself or your family members which can cause problems if mishandled. So take precautions every time one is needed during an emergency!

Find out what types of services are available in the area where you’re relocating to – grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

This is especially helpful for those who are moving to a new state or even country because you’ll need all the information possible to make it on your own. Doing this ahead of time will also allow you to plan out what types of job opportunities, schools & activities will be available so that no surprises appear later on down the line!

Get a New Driver’s License

Having a driver’s license is essential in this day & age. Without it, you won’t be able to get around town or even go grocery shopping for that matter!

It may take some time to get one but thankfully there are websites available where someone can order new licenses online so all they have left to do is wait once the process has been completed before receiving them in the mail. This way nothing gets lost and everything goes smoothly which saves everyone involved loads of time.

Update your Address with the Post Office

You don’t want to end up missing out on important mail or packages that are due for delivery while you’re away. Make sure you update your address with the post office before moving day arrives so they know where to send all future correspondence. This way, there’s no need to worry about what will happen if anything gets lost in transit because everything will get delivered properly without any problems!

Update your Voter Registration if you’re Eligible to Vote in Another State.

If you’re not a citizen in the country where your new home is located, then you can skip this section. However for those who are eligible to vote and have been living at their current location for more than 30 days before moving away should take care of this step as soon as possible because it’s illegal to do so after that time limit has already passed!

In order to check if you meet all requirements simply visit your state/county election official website & see what information they provide when asked about voter registration eligibility. This way there won’t be any surprises later on down the line during the voting season since everything will go smoothly without problems or delays!

Put together an Online Family Emergency Contact List of relatives, friends, and neighbors who can help out if Needed

In today’s day & age, it can be extremely helpful to have a list of contacts online that you know you can rely on whenever an emergency occurs. In the case where everyone is not able to communicate with one another due to location or phone lines being down, for example, having this information easily accessible by anyone will make things go much more smoothly and allow them all to work together as a team!


If you follow these steps from the beginning then the moving day will be a breeze. You’ll have everything already organized and ready to go so all that’s left is making sure everyone gets there on time while avoiding any unnecessary problems which makes it much easier to get around without worrying about what might happen next!

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