There Is More Tech in Online Casinos than You Would Think

There Is More Tech in Online Casinos than You Would Think

A lot of people see online casino games as something compact and simple. This is usually because they don’t look like the large AAA releases we would see on our PCs and Consoles. But, there is a lot of tech in online casinos both in the back and in the front.

There are three categories where online gaming operators are at the very top of global tech:

  1. Large scale comparative math
  2. User synchronization
  3. Graphics optimization

These operators have a slight edge over their leisure gaming counterparts because they don’t need to lie about why they are doing such a thing. Everything has to do with money and player satisfaction.

Operators want to draw in as many users as possible and make them play as long as possible because that is what brings in the revenue for the company. Sounds cold, but as players, we don’t play to support the developers of these games, we play to win the jackpot.

Rain-man Math

It is very hard to argue high-end math for websites like that have little 2D sharks on the main screen who hold keys and dice and look at us kind of derpy. But, these playful caricatures hide a lot of calculations under the hood.

Every single game needs its own server location and each of those locations must comply with all players, all of their bets and winnings, and keep everyone’s information safe both from the outside and from other players.

Some of the issues are solved by relegating them to the platform, and this usually has to do with payment processing and requests. But everything else, including the ever-evolving algorithm that states who will win and who will lose are completely on the particular game.

And, with an increasing number of players all the time, this can mean millions of calculations each second.

Impeccable House Edge

Operators really like online gaming because there is no chance that someone will pull a fast one over the house and leave them in the red. You can’t count cards on online blackjack and the only way to cheat is to hack into the system and break layers upon layers of security.

And, if you are that guy or girl, you probably won’t go to jail but rather get the job from the operators themselves.

This security in their edge is what allows games like online slots to have amazing ‘’Return to Player’’ or RTP. Players take back up to 99.07% of everything they invest. The algorithm ensures it.

This means that 80% of the players will win 1/3 games and that 20% will leave with more money than they paid into playing.

These are better odds and winnings than household poker between friends.

Online Casino Customer Biology

Humans are, for all intents and purposes, fascinating creatures. We have self-awareness and are definitely intelligent to a degree. But, we are no less driven by our biology than any critter we would see in the wild.

Ironically, online casinos are less predatory about this fact than games marketed to children or MLM scams that promise easy money.

Online casinos promise fun and give a chance to win. You can even win big if you are lucky or skilled enough. This is supposed to bring in the risk/reward juices flowing in our brain and fill us up with a mixture of adrenaline and serotonin.

Full Synchronization

Even most gaming operators misunderstand RTP to mean that each player will get 99% of their money back. No, all players, cumulatively, will win 99% of the money invested back. The house will win the remaining 1%, every time, all the time.

But, that needs to be synchronized to be the case. The system needs to know exactly who is winning and who is losing and to automatically adjust the algorithm accordingly.

Basically, it is playing all games at once and comparing them to each other. When the winnings are too high, everyone’s chances will instantly drop. And, if there aren’t enough winners by sheer chance, the system will give the players some slack and open the game up for more winners.

Theoretically speaking, if you are very good at statistics and forming mathematical theoretical models, you would be able to predict when these times are happening.

But, the time needed for such a project would require it to be a full-time job and probably a grant from a wealthy benefactor.

Ever-Improving Graphics in Online Casinos

Finally, online casino games are getting better and better on the outside to match their amazing backend development. Due to the demands from the players, there has been a surge in online casino games which are downright beautiful.

Games like Lara Croft Temples and Tombs might not look like the 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider but are much more advanced than the 1996 game we used to play on the original PlayStation, short of the 3rd person view some played for, regretfully.

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