The Rise of Online Learning: 7 Benefits that Students Can Expect

The Rise of Online Learning: 7 Benefits that Students Can Expect

Despite the fact that online learning has been available for approximately two decades, it was 2020 and the circumstances around it that really brought learning over the internet into the spotlight. While there are some limitations such as a lack of socialization, it’s a fact that there are simply more pros to this approach than there are cons. If you are thinking about starting an online course, here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Access to various options

For starters, online learning offers you a wide variety of courses. As things are done over the internet, you can look all over the world for classes that accept international students. That means that you can easily learn languages from native speakers, pick up programming skills from world-renowned experts, and get carpentry tips from those with impressive resumes. Simply by knowing where to look, you can easily get in touch with educated individuals that are willing to share their knowledge.

Comfort of learning from your own home

In addition to having a huge array of learning opportunities available, online learners also like the fact that they are able to learn from the comfort of their own home. That means that you can adjust your learning environment so that it fits all your needs. There is no need to struggle on uncomfortable chairs and sit in place for hours on end while surrounded by uninterested people that chat along to the lectures. Furthermore, some people prefer to avoid crowds and public speaking, which is why this approach works so well for them. So, if you too don’t like crowded classrooms, you might find online learning beneficial.

No more commuting

Having the chance to learn from home means that you will not have to commute to your classes. The commute can take out too many precious minutes from your busy schedule, especially if you don’t live close to your school. While going on a shorter walk or taking the bus can be a good way to catch up with your favorite podcast, you still have to spend time getting ready. Moreover, unless you can walk or cycle to class, you have to spend money to get there, whether it’s by paying for a bus or taxi or by paying for gas and parking. No matter if it’s 10 minutes or two hours, this is time that you can surely use much better.

Ability to set your own pace

Something else that is a big benefit of learning from the comfort of your home is the fact that you can usually set your own pace. This is because there are various types of courses you can find online. For example, there are one-on-one classes where you are the only one talking to your teacher, meaning that you can ask them as many details as you want and go over the lesson as many times as you need. Then, there are also pre-taped lessons that you can rewatch until you’re sure you understand them. Of course, there are also group classes but even then, you have the chance to pause and rewind to the parts you found difficult as well as contact the teacher via email or live chat to get the clarifications you need.

Easy access to materials

When learning online, you also have easy access to various study materials. For example, in a traditional classroom, you might not get a chance to jot down every important bit of the lecture and you’ll have to turn to your classmates to see if you can get their notes. Furthermore, some obscure books that teachers ask for might be difficult or pricey to get. On the other hand, file sharing online is much simpler to do. What is more, even if there are no other students you can share notes with, there are platforms like Compliant Learning where you can effortlessly access all sorts of materials that you need for your class.

Fewer distractions

Many people also prefer the online approach to learning because it often comes with fewer distractions. Being in a crowded room with many other students that don’t necessarily pay attention to the lectures can be very off-putting. With that in mind, if you are good at motivating and self-disciplining yourself, learning online can be very productive. Of course, you have to know how to deal with household members that might be intruding on your study time and limit your screen time both in the form of endlessly scrolling social media and binging TV shows.

Lower cost

Lastly, the cost of online learning is often much more affordable. As the schools’ overhead costs are lower, they are able to offer much lower tuition. Moreover, there are also courses that are completely free of charge. Plus, you don’t have to pay for travel costs or even look for accommodation near the campus.

As you can see, benefits to online learning abound. Look for a class that interests you and start learning.

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